Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome to the new Captain’s Log


The website will be getting updated all over as we have sponsors, adding project pages and we will be adding conformation pages for each day…so there is much to be done…it is so exciting though…SunshinePaddle is the user name on our youtube account for anyone who wants to check out the videos…we keep photos at Photobucket and on facebook, our page is The Sunshine Paddle

I made sure the Longaberger arrived at the shelter…Trish and I went over everything that has been going on…the sound of pride in what we are accomplishing made me feel great.

The Blue Horizon needs some work (her rudder needs rewired and she needs new deck bungees)…I have been trying to borrow or find a roof rack…while trying to find one, I have checked out a few places or Kayak doctors that I would trust her and my saftey with…I will be taking her to George at Economy Tackle in Sarasota…it is a bit of a drive, but there is a beautiful beach there…I also have faith in the staff there…I will be happy to get her on the water;)
We are currently working on getting The New Day crated and on her way to the shipper, she is still moored in Norwood, MA...I have entrusted her to Moniques husband and I have faith…I am very excited to see her and test drive her…I will post pics as soon as I have them
I hope to be at Sarasota Beach on Saturday…we are supposed to have a cold front coming in…fingers crossed it will stay warm just a few more weeks…I need a spray skirt …also looking for a water proof radio or mp3 player

I have been asked many questions…let me answer a few…I am not perfect, I have a past, I am not ashamed of who I am…my last picture, on my last license, in VA says it all…I had to go where I went, to get me here and here is pretty freaking cool…I am working to payback, so that others may too have a way forward from HELL…I understand what I face is not easy, what is right is often not easy…I honestly feel privileged to be chosen for this task…I am not afraid but, I do have a healthy respect for the ocean…I am a strong swimmer…Marion has been making sure I take every boating safety class she can find…it is nice to be loved;)

May the tide roll up to greet you with 100 blessings,
D. Cooper-Rooney, LMT