Sunday, February 12, 2012

Every Day I See My Dream

It has been such a long week and I am quite happy…let me fill you in…Monday and Tuesday I spent reading boaters safety and doing Political Science homework for school…a friend told me he had gotten laid off…I asked him to paddle with me on Wednesday…he said something about looking for work and I said he could do that when we got back…yes, I can be a bad influence…guess that’s what makes me the Girly Pirate…

So on Wednesday, I took Greg to Weeki Wachee…I am so used to Janis being on the front of my boat- it was a little strange to have a man there…Greg is from New York and a new member to the Florida Transplant Club…Paddling Adventures was ready for us…I am glad he was with me and he did well his first time out…the river current was strong and wanted to slam us off the bank, but I held us steady- this is where knowing strokes means the difference between a good paddle and a bad day…he took pics and video…give him credit- after 6-12 months in the water our camera equipment is no longer easy to use…lol…when I was downloading, I noted the difference at seeing things through his eyes in the pictures…please note that this is an intermediate paddle area- there were beginners that were getting slammed into trees and on the banks of the river due to the current, not a good or a fun way to learn…we had a great day on the river and got to see a lot of wildlife...

Thursday, I got a box donation from Paul and Cathy Cooper…it held a sleeping bag, tent and paddle float…I had been speaking to them about my trek through the outerbanks of NC and they felt this would keep me warm and safe…you see, at a few points I will be where the ground crew cannot reach me…also, the paddle float will aid in quicker reentry as many predators hang out off the coast…I am blessed to have so many who care for me…Paul even took me out to get a hitch for Wilma to be able to pull Betty:)

I was on cloud nine Friday as it was time for me to pick Betty up and bring her home…Wilma and I got there 2 hours early…ha ha ha…Dale had to meet me at the Waffle House…she pulled home easy and I had no problems…Wilma and Betty seem to belong together as a team…when we got home, I had Dale read the Instructions while I opened her up (she is a 1987 Colman Laramie Pop Up)…the inside is ugly brown-this needs to change…she is in good shape, she just needs to be Girlyfied…while I makeover Betty, Harold from Hals Auto Service has started working on Wilma…Wilma needs new rear shocks…I have also contacted Pete as her wire harness seems to need help…

Saturday brought me out and around town looking for fabric…I went to 5 different stores before I found what I wanted…Jo-Ann Fabrics saved me…they even had Girly Pirate fabric- I am totally stoked…I came home and called mom and Marilyn…Betty’s Makeover has begun…that afternoon came a heavy rain and high wind storm…I am happy to report NO leaks, though we do need to thread new rope through hereyes on the bottom band to keep her tent stable…

I have taken time to speak to several people about this trip and the reason for it…at 46, I never pictured becoming Captain of my own boat or making such a trip…so many right now feel powerless, it is causing an increase in violence…the worst part is the increase is happening in homes- not as much in public…think about that…here in Pasco County, Florida our Sheriff is our first line of defense and I am thankful for him…I have never seen one officer act other than professionally and fairly…if you need help, call Sunrise…e-mail them or write a letter…get help…why do I have faith in them…I am impressed with how they handle the situation and their viewpoints…you will never be the same, but life can go on and be amazing…the first step is to ask for help, the next step is to accept it

Please remember this trip runs on donations…I am thankful for every item and penny…for all who are pitching in to help have my deep appreciation…it is wonderful energy to be thus blessed

Avast Me Hardy,

 Captain D

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Story of Wilma and Betty

For months the question has been what would the ground crew be driving up the coast…I have pushed for donations, but we did not get enough in time…you see, we must prepare these vehicles for this trip and that does not happen overnight…the mechanic has been waiting on me to find something…everything we have looked at ran into some problem…I feel it will cost less to use a pop up in gas and insurance…after much research it will also carry the least carbon footprint…I also needed something that would be easy for women to handle…

 I own a truck…since the distance at any point in the trip will be less than 100 miles, I had thought of this before…it is an old Chevy, but in good shape…much like the Blue Horizon…with a little love, she will be ready to go…Meet Miss Wilma

Trolling craigslist for months has not been easy…a few weeks ago; I got a hold of a nice young woman…if what she was saying was real, it was a good deal…I spoke to my husband (who has been an ever present tower of strength) and he said if I could not get donations to find a way to buy it…so I did

The young lady met me up on SR50…it was as she had said and I bought it…it is in decent shape, but is old and needs help…I have to pick up the ball for the truck and want to check a few other things out for it…I will go up to bring her home Friday and I am so excited…Meet Miss Betty

I will keep you posted on how they come along:)