Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shiver Me Timbers

Call the crew and meet me on deck…

We have had to face the fact that due to current health issues, I am losing precious training time on the water…My first responsibility is to be a good Captain and not to go on the water when I could endanger myself or others…due to the loss of this training time, my body may not be ready to do the east coast launch Until April 15, 2014…I was very sad about this, but saftey should be first priority…it does however give me a chance to have more ducks in the row for the trip…

I refuse to lose a year…many people have contacted me and brainstorming has been going on…Since the Sunshine Paddle will not happen until 2014, we will plan The Sun Ray Paddle in April 13th of 2013…It will start at Anclote River Park and go North to Hudson Beach- I am checking with the head of parks and recreation for Pasco county about parking…I will see if we can have kayak and canoe rentals and maybe even a bus service…The Sun Ray Paddle is a Paddle that encompasses most of Pasco County’s Gulf face- how cool will that be, you will see manatee, dolphin and the birds- bring a camera (I always get excellant pics here)…I expect this paddle to encompass a whole day- even at a slow speed it will be exausting and for those who do not wish to drive that night- there are many (green) hotels that have reasonable prices around the area- I will try to get a list put together…I will also be searching some good restaurants to cater for us at a good price- I think it will depend how many wish to go…ALL entrance fees will be taken in By Sunrise of Pasco…I request you donate $10 per person, $15 per family…if you cannot afford this please let me know and we will handle each case as we can- the important thing is to share our coast and have a good time…I will keep you with news of the Sun Ray...please make time to join us- come to see our wonderful animals and play in the warm gulf water:)
(pic from Easy Kayaking)

Your Captain,

The Girly Pirate

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dry Dock


 I have been hearing many rumors circulate and it is my thought to ease your mind…I still plan to paddle:)..I am currently in a doctor imposed dry dock…I am having a few medical issues and they say it is wiser that I remain on land at the moment…
Needless to say I am having major saltwater withdrawals….I have waxed and washed both boats and gone through my gear…taken another safety class…helped other paddlers with maps and info…I am going buggy…The weather has been really crappy over the last few weeks- I keep telling myself that I could not paddle anyway….I so want to though…
I hope to be back in the water by my birthday…I see doc on Friday and hope she gives me the okay…I will keep you posted

Your Girly Pirate,

Captain D