Thursday, December 20, 2012

We all look the same? Really?


I must talk to you about a recent interaction…I know I have been raised to be open in my mind and heart…this kind of blew my mind though…

I ran up to Crystal River to see 2 Notch (or let her see me is more the point), so she would not come into open water looking for me…the gulf is too cold for her right now and like me she is older- let’s just say I worry…
CrystalRiver Kayaks had a Yak ready for me…really great place…I paddled out and headed for the 3 Sisters Spring…the air temp was 50f and the water was 72f making very urethral fog …about ½ way there I ran into Huggy Bear…he was being so funny and introduced me to another youngster- I call him Billy…a BIG bull manatee approached to see what was going on and to let me know what he was there to protect the kids…I chuckled and named him Sealy Booth…
Sealy and the boys swam around the corner beside me as I continued to paddle…up in front of us, freakin snorkel people…I pointed to a canal we were passing and told him to take the boys were they would not disturbed…they turned off and I continued…due to the paddle, I know most of the manatee between Crystal River and Ft Myers (5 family groups)…suddenly I was noticing them plus more, this was like a huge family reunion…a young bull stopped me before I floated into the NO HUMAN ZONE…I giggled as he scolded me
Sitting there I was looking in the Manatee Zone for 2 Notch when one of the volunteers for fish and wild life asked what I was doing…several Manatee were trying to get my attention…since she was up on a walk 3 foot higher than me or them, I asked her if she saw 2 Notch…I started to describe what 2 Notch looked like and she said ‘How can you tell them apart? They all look the same to me.’…at that moment, I was angry…I asked ‘when you see children- do they all look alike?’
Ya…I know- I am a wave hugger…the young male pushed my Yak toward the springs and the current towed me the rest of the way back…in front of me was a young male (approx 9- 10 month) with 5 propeller marks down his back…tears fell down my cheeks that one so young should have them- not that any should, but he was so young…he came up and snorted me up…lol…I asked if he was taking a break from the old men and got another snort…I told him to take it easy and paddled back to the channel…
I asked the young bull if he had seen 2 Notch…he swam away quickly…Taking pics, sitting waiting and watching…Tap Tap Tap…it was my big girl…the bull went into the Manatee Zone…she went back down the canal with me…this big female swam up and stared pushing my Yak and cornered me…all I could picture is when vacations attack…lol…she swam up on the inside and gave birth…OMG…2 Notch acted as midwife sort of…I was so befuddled to be entreated to such a thing
Furtherer up the channel was a bull I call Durante…he has a cute snoz…then another mother and baby thought to play with my boat like a Tonka Truck…the mother and child come from down by the keys…you could tell by the color and attitude- really fun…we are doing better, but not well enough to come off the endangered list yet

I was so amazed how well they all got along and how different they all are…some had more hair, different color skin, birth marks, etc…it was then I wondered if they think we all look alike…in my head I laughed…I paddled back and jumped on the road home…I stopped at Emily’s in Homosassa for an awesome burger and as I sat there going over all that had happened…I showed the kind waitress my camera of photos and asked ‘do they all look alike to you?’…she flipped through the pics and thoughtfully said no…sweet girl…

So now I ask you ‘Do they all look alike?’

You’re Captain,


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ride the Peace Train

It has been a busy week in my paddle world…today is a day of peace…did you find someone to hug today…GREAT news has found me…the doctors have found my issues thanks to a truck driver for the shelter…it is nice to know what is wrong and how to cope with it:)
Today was the Peace Breakfast for Sunrise of Pasco to say Thank You to all of those who try so hard to make our community a wonderful place…it was heartwarming to see how many turned out…my videographer Taylor was there to take the opening of our new TV show…the stories of a few women were told- for me this is bone chilling and can transport me back to the worst beating…I am proud of how much better I am doing with this…pull from the inside and rise from those ashes…

SunshinePaddle 2014 is starting to book…Debby will meet with me after the new year to sit and plot the trip with me…As Terry and Yoda taught me- Plan Your Paddle, Paddle Your Plan…Volunteers will be needed in every state- this does involve actual work, if you think you can or want to handle it please give me a call at (813)907-6279
Sun Ray 2013 is our Pasco Paddle…I have been running like a chicken with my head cut off getting with many local business about goodies for the welcome packages…I have been paddling in the areas looking for any interesting things or things to watch for…I am so excited to show off my county and how amazing our gulf coast is- it will be so cool to share this with all of you…the entrance forms are up and ready to fill out

My friend Tim got a new kayak…we took it to Anclote River Park…I felt special that he chose me to help him break it in…it was a stable ride, though I missed having a rudder…It was an Old Town that he bought off Amazon…got to him in good shape and on time…we had fun

May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes…

Your Girly Pirate,
Captain D