Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sun Ray On The Way

Hail and Good Day,

So much cool stuff to talk about…I have been working with Pasco Parks and Rec to make a very special paddle…I have also hired a guy to BBQ at the end of the paddle…nothing better at the end of a long paddle…we have set up a parking and staging situation that is quite cool…I have been getting info from all over the county for entrance packages…
Going down the gulf coast of Pasco is special…much of the pristine beauty is still in place…many of the inhabited areas have small secrets and hideaways..we will paddle through 2 local dolphin pods and depending on water temp, there are 2 manatee families…storks, pelicans, egrets and eagles should be easily spotted and why one should bring a camera

This is a 14 mile paddle…please be sure to pack accordingly…this is Florida, sun protection is a must…make sure to have plenty of fluid with you…the closer it gets the more excited I am…an air horn and or whistle…hat and or a face wrap…paddle float is a good thing…do not forget your bilge pump…bring hand food as you will need to eat something every hour to keep up energy…first aid kit…deck compass comes in quite helpful- even if you have a GPS…spare paddles…rope…spray skirt is optional- I do not use one when I am in the gulf…knife…hand crank radio…trash container and toilet paper…pfd…sunglasses and a spare pair of sunglasses…binoculars…towel…drybag…mp3- good to have a spare for this too…change of clothes…camera…epirb/spot tracker-if you do not have one just stay close to a paddler who does…
I am now working with the State at getting The Sunshine Paddle registered from an even to a chairity…they have been having a hard time understanding that no one makes a paycheck…so we are currently going back and forth- just so much fun…Sunshine Paddle has a day in South Carolina Sponsored…so it begins…April 15 of 2014 is on the Calendar…The long Trip from St. Augustine, Florida to Wiscasset, Maine will be made…so much work to be done…

Well no time do I have to be tarrying…

The Girly Pirate

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ever So Busy

Ahoy Mate,

Since we are no longer ‘just an event’, I had to get with the IRS and the State of Florida to change our status…this took many phone calls and much paperwork, but I feel it is all working…I am an automatic 501c as I take in $5000 or less according to the IRS- they said I could file for a letter, but it would cost $400 to file the form and donations were deductable either way- I can live without the letter and they consider me a charitable sports team…with the state there was a ton of paperwork and a declaration of all donations and expenses (I posted a copy of this onsite)…all is done and sent in and in the next 2 weeks I should show up as being a registered…YEA!!!! I have a friend who has stayed on my butt about this- I hate office work, I am thankful for her motivation:)
To give more businesses a chance to get in on the entrance packages, I have attended several networking meetings- Pasco/ Hernando Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, East Pasco Networking group, etc...they all let me speak about The Sunshine Paddle and the upcomming events…I have met many interesting people and find it inspiring how many people are working to make a better community…it reminded me of the old town hall meetings- people talking business, eating- really great food, and speaking on ways to make the community shine…totally killer

I got Walter on the Weeki Wachee…he is still a newbie, but he tries as he knows how happy it makes me…the river is always a challenge in paddle blade control (unless you paddle like gma)…we were blessed with so many manatee- lots of new moms and calves…Walter enjoyed seeing the sheepshead fish…the was around 72f with an air temp of 50f…it was a really good run
Fort De Soto is one of the lovelier parks…there are many different places to launch from…a protected area for newbies to a paddle out to the Skyway Bridge…so much to see…like a child, I always have to stop and play with the very big guns and play in the bunkers of the fort…really there are so many different birds and aquatic animals, I could not do them justice…when you come, bring something to collect seashells in…this park has several beaches and each has its own flavor…really amazing place

Now is the time to make your plans for the Sun Ray Paddle…we are working to bring together a great paddle and would love for you to join us…Come paddle with me…

Your Girly Pirate