Sunday, September 22, 2013

Listen – I can hear the Ocean

All Hands On Deck,

Episodes brought on by Battered Women’s Syndrome from beatings that happened over 20 years ago have me landlocked at the moment…it is very frustrating as I really want to be on the water…it has also changed our plans a little…

In April of 2014, the plan has changed to paddling the coast of Pasco…we will raise money by using a signup sheet and going per mile paddled…I will have time to prepare for this and it will hopefully give me time to heal enough to make the big trip

The plan now to go up the east coast has now been changed to April of no means have we given up…it is just my feeling if something is worth doing it is worth taking the time to do it correctly

In the mean time, equipment maintenance needs done…the Horizon needs cleaned and waxed…we need to find volunteers…meeting times need to be set with the church…we also need to get the okay from parks and rec…so never fear there is plenty to do

Carry On,

Your Girly Pirate Captain