Monday, March 17, 2014



Avast Me Hearties,

Glad for you to see the busy start of the Year…let me fill you in…taxes and state paperwork are filed- have I said how I dislike paperwork…training has now become a way of life…I find on the day I do not get to paddle- I must stretch my body out…

On the morning of April 5th, 2014…At Everglades University, I will walk for graduation of my Masters Degree in Business…I am excited!!! Not so long ago, I was told this would never be possible for someone with Battered Woman's Syndrome…

On the Afternoon of April 5th, 2014…The Girly Pirate will make an appearance at the coolest Sea Turtle sanctuary…we are scheduled to be there at 3p.m…Gumbo Limbo is so cool…the money raised here goes directly to the care and maintenance of the animals…I will be excited to see this will be interesting to see the work being done and how many turtles are being cared for:)
On the 6th of 2014…The ship will lay a course for Marathon Key to see The Dolphin Research Center…since so many of you have asked and since I will be so close, I will stop to see meet their crew…I spoke with Amy today and confirmed our time with them…it will be exciting to see the unity and love shared here…what an awesome graduation present- Thank you for pushing me into it :)

I will then get a quiet week of training…though 25 miles is not much in a speedboat, it will be more than a healthy paddle…I am really thinking about going to Weeki Wachee, Honeymoon Island and then maybe a practice blast down the coast…if you want to paddle, I would love company on any part of the journey…if you want to go for a bit give me a call (813) 907- 6279

April 20, 2014…Our official Sunshine Paddle...The money raised will be split 50/50 between…Helping Hands Food Bank in Wesley Chapel and Sunrise of Pasco Battered and Raped Shelter in Dade City…This will be a 25 mile paddle down the coast of Pasco…If you want to pledge any amount (per mile Paddled) or join ma on the paddle- it will start on Hudson Beach at 6 a.m. Call (813) 907- 6279

Carry On,

Captain D