Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Big and Beautiful, 2 Notch

Speak to me your tidings,

            The salt water was calling my bones and I needed to write in the log, when the phone rang. It was Mary calling to tell me that the manatee who thinks I am her pet (2 Notch) was hanging out by her property. In my e-mail was the pic of the big girl- guilt at its finest. It did not take long before I caved in and agreed to come. I got ahold of Crystal River Kayaks and they had no problem squeezing me in.

My husband reluctantly went with me as it was about to storm that day. The trip from my house was 2 hours and we left at 6 in the morning. We grabbed breakfast at Mc Donald’s and enjoyed the journey. I was excited to be on my way to see my friend, I had missed 2 Notch and was glad to know she was okay.

After getting our kayak and hitting the water, life began to feel normal. When we paddled and got to 3 Sister’s Springs, we saw the amount of snorkel people- I was thankful fish and wildlife had shut down the springs. I looked over all the Manatee I could see but, could not find her. We paddled over to the nursery and none to be found. The storm clouds began to fill in so we began to paddle back. I was a little disappointed. Suddenly the familiar tap on the bottom of my boat. It was my Big Girl. She had brought many of her friends and family. I sat still as they all played around me. Then I saw 2 Notch swing around and push her pup forward for me to see. I began to cry, the baby is beautiful and looks healthy. I got video of 2 Notch’s Surprise to share with you.

On the way back, I felt light as a cloud. Walter and I made several stops to act like tourists (lots of laughs). This coming week, I will be in the water between the Smith Islands all the way up to Hudson Beach. I will also be making an appearance at the Pasco County Fair Rodeo on Friday- Hope to see you there.

Good Day to You,