Sunday, May 24, 2015

Giving it Away

Ahoy Mate,

            The paddle being extra hard this year took a good deal out of me. It took almost 2 weeks to recover, I am not as young as I once was….lol. Many things are going on. The Blue Horizon has been sold to young Britney who will be making a 100 mile trip to survey and raise money for river clean up. It killed me to do it, but I could no longer ride in her due to my hip. The Horizon has gone to a good home with an awesome purpose and a great new owner- I could not ask for more. I am looking forward to obtaining a new sit on top.

   Our fourth Donation Drop went to Sunrise of Pasco. For in-shelter we brought a check, diapers, sheets and sippy cups for the kids. For shelter workers we brought 2 bags of pens and many prizes that will be given in office to brighten spirits. For the police we brought in phones cases with super protection or extra battery life for them to aid shelter clients. We also dropped off 2 bags at the thrift shop along with half a truck of cardboard. To see how happy this made the workers was an amazing feeling- in the end we have become part of the healing process:)

            As a new experience we went to Blue Springs Park in High Springs. We drove down a long sand road and the woods opened up to the most beautiful spring. The fish came over to check me out while I was snorkeling. This is such an amazing place with crystal clear water and a great deal of bio-diversity. We got neat video.

   Donation Drop five was at the Helping Hands Food Bank. It was a blessing to be able to help. We brought them a check and a bag of dog and cat treats. The woman who runs the pantry has started to worry as she has been collecting to put together backpacks for the kids getting ready for school. To help here is humbling.

        I have started collecting for the holiday challenge. We have also added to the website with an updated ‘Friends and Supporters’ page. Yum Yum has been sent out for repair and then she will be given back to her owner. I will get to see one of the best kayaking trainers in the world, Mr. Greg Pflug from Adventure's in Florida, in the next few weeks. Then it will be time to paddle Ft. Lauderdale again and maybe a run to the keys. I am so stoked:)

Your Captain,