Monday, October 26, 2015

Endless Summer


            It has been a long summer. So much has happened and we have grown. The excitement grows when we think of the amount of people we have been able to help in their hour of need and the number of children that are safer is heartwarming. I am so proud of all who volunteer and donate. I am thankful and blessed to be the conduit that facilitates such good works.

            We have been busy practicing for next year’s paddle. The Weeki Wachee is a great place to learn paddle control, speed and endurance. The five miles is a beautiful backdrop for such a workout. I was called to Crystal River by a friend because 2 notch wanted me. My heart stopped to know a manatee thought of me as such a good friend. I was so amazed. Anclote is the place where I can feel the pirate blood pump in my veins. Sam the eagle likes to ride on the front of the kayak. This is a beautiful place with loads of wild life. The dolphins like to play with me here and I enjoy their company.
Hudson beach was calling my name and I had to answer. I got to see 2 notch and her calf and Sam the eagle. I paddle into the gulf from here and got to play with a dolphin pod who have recently settled in the area. Always fun to be had. In September, I turned 50 and we celebrated at Sun West Park. I made a new friend with an osprey who felt he needed to hang out and observe the humans (lots of laughs). I also found a new secret spot on the Hillsboro River to put in. It is closer to the gulf so there are much fewer gators.

It was a great summer to make appearances. The Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary is a wonderful lively place in Hudson. Every parrot needs a Pirate. The birds were happy, clean and clung on to me. This was a visit that was all of that and a bag of chips. The Grand Prix in Tampa was really entertaining. Feeling the wind whip across my face as I sped around the track was wholly exhilarating.  The whole crew had such a good time.

Donation drops are why we are here. So far this year we have done one drop for Pasco County Parks and Rec, one drop for State of Florida Parks and Rec, ten drops have been made to Sunrise of Pasco Battered Women’s Shelter, three drops went to the baby shower for indigent mothers held at Atonement Lutheran Church, and four drops at the Helping Hands Food Pantry to help people of our local and state level communities. The website we maintain is to give hope, help educate and to bring a positive note to our global community. Donations are always a blessing time, money or goods. We are an all-volunteer staff and no one gets paid but, we do have a lot of fun and it is nice to watch whatever we give have a direct effect on so many levels. If you wish to donate to us, we have a PayPal account under

What are you doing to make your space better? If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Please take time to reach a hand out for those who need. If you can’t please give a hand to those who do. Over the last 20 years we have watched the once mighty fall. The aid you give, may be the help you or a loved one may one day need. Think about it.
Carry On,
Captain D