Monday, April 18, 2016

And So It Begins


My husband took me and the new Yak to Hudson Beach…I was so excited…he prefers river paddling but, knew I wanted to see 2 Notch…it was a beautiful day…2 Notch found us, she seemed to want to check out the new yak by banging on the bottom…my husband pointed out the personality of the Yak and came up with the name ‘Shamrock’s Avenger’…as we got close to shore the dolphins came out to play

Bri Indo joined the paddle…young, smart and willing to learn…I let her take the lead seat for a open-water 3 mile paddle around Anclote River Inlet…the day was overcast with a low chop on the water…it gave me a chance to see how she would fare when conditions were not great…she did very well- honestly I was impressed…

It was Bri’s second practice session at Weeki Wachee 5 Mile Paddle…this is a great place to teach paddle technique and build control…it was a lovely day and the water was really clear…it was cool to watch Bri really connect with the kayak…there were lots of fish but, no manatee

The ‘Shamrock’s Avenger’ was brought to Atonement Lutheran Church for her blessing…I am ever so thankful to this congregation for their love and support…such amazing energy keeps me safe and brings us home in one piece…

The last practice session before the paddle was a 12 Mile open-water paddle…the day was overcast with light rain off and on…the chop was at a medium height…this was Bri’s first time being over a mile off shore…it was so cute to see her a little nervous…she was really doing wonderful and I was glad she was with me…a very talented young lady...glad she join on

Here we are less than 48 hours until launch of the paddle…all shore bound paperwork is caught up…I have done the shopping…all equipment is here- just need to put it together…I have collected all pledge sheets…a few weeks ago I sat with Karen at the SBDC and she suggested I reach out to C.A.S.A. of St Pete and Hands Acrossthe Bay- finally got that done…my brain is running over lists of lists…Yes, I am that type A :)
If you have the ability to donate you can do so through PayPal (email:, it should give you a tax deductible receipt...all donations will be split between Helping Hands Food Bank and Sunrise of Pasco...if you want to cheer us on we will leave Hudson Beach at 6 am on April the 20th…well time to go through my lists again…

Carry On,

Captain D