Saturday, January 12, 2013

Girly Pirate Underway

Ahoy Mate,

With a new year upon us, we here at the paddle office are hard at work…so much news to fill you in on…
Sunshine Paddle of 2014 is real…planning has started…contact Dee, Debby or Chris if you want to sponsor either ½ or one whole day…updates as to any news on the east coast that you feel may impede the trip is most welcome…we are starting in St Augustine, FL in April…I will stop in Wiscasset Harbor, ME…I expect it to take 45 days…
Sun RayPaddle of 2013 (a.k.a. Paddle Pasco)…happening April 13, 2013…this is about 15 miles…I have made arrangements to make a dry run next Saturday to get video and pics…this will also give us exact GPS and notes for the maps...don't forget to send in your entrance form…I have also been speaking to many small businesses in the area- spent a whole day going up and down US19 from SR52- SR54 shaking hands…they are all willing to help with goodies for the entrance packages…it is so exciting…though people do not have much, they are doing what they can…how blessed am I?

When I am on the paddle, you may start seeing a camera crew with me…Taylor and crew will be helping me make a TV show…many people do not get to see the diverse amount of wildlife we have here in Florida…my camera man Taylor spoke to me and we are currently pitching the idea…wish us luck…you can check out our photo video…we would like to join on with Animal Planet, but am open to other ideas…it really is something special and I would love to share it…

The life of Girly Pirate, as always, is under full sail:)

 You’re Captain,