Monday, June 23, 2014

Ahoy Matey

Avast Me Hearty,

It is hard to believe it is June already…we have been so busy…practice in open water leaves one feeling refreshed…using Hudson Beach as a launch point is really nice during the week…it is quiet and clean…the boaters in the area are quite respectful and friendly…it is one of my favorite places- the beach is not too big, so there are not too many humans and a good deal of wildlife to observe…binoculars are a good thing to bring on a paddle here…

After seeing what is happening on the east coast and in the south, several people called and messaged me about doing a beach clean-up…divers in the water, kayaks on the water and beach combers in the sand…because some of these people are battered women in hiding, these actions were done quietly- it was still really cool to be a part of it…not just because we cleaned the beach…as a battered woman, one feels as though they are useless with nothing to be proud of…during that time of cleaning up the beach these women felt important, useful and at the end of the day they were proud of what they were able to accomplish…the dolphins came out to play with us…just such a blessing

In the next month we will be ramping up the training schedule…it was nice to eat for a few months, now back to the training menu…if you want to improve the coast please use trash cans, avoid straws when possible and even if you are not going to recycle give your cans and paper products to someone who does…being a good community citizen starts with each and every one of us…if not me than who, if not now than when?????

Carry on,

The Girly Pirate