Friday, May 17, 2013

Working for a Good Cause

Ahoy Mate,

Today, I will start by telling you what a nice job Taylor Ashley did with the video for the Sun Ray Paddle…he used the voice from a speaking engagement I had at a church (Atonement Lutheran Church)…it was a happy surprise when he called to tell me it was done…

It is sit here at the 11 month mark I am feeling confident…a woman looked at me this week and asked why I would feel insecure…I started this being quite fat and smoking like a chimney…my goal was to raise money and awareness for Domestic Violence…I had to push myself…giving up cigarettes was far from easy, but needed to be done if I was to reach my goal…at times I would like to have just one more- though I am not willing to do it and give up what I have worked for…the menu is a killer and must be done…the better shape I am in the easier it will be…it has been a blessing to have such wonderful friends and a husband who has worked with me…support and discipline is how I have come so far…now I am proud of the body I work on daily- I could not even picture smoking again…lol

Just recently I went to the volunteer lunch for the shelter…it was a wonderful event…I was happy that Debby (the woman who drives me) won a basket…she was so happy she glowed…I also attended the East Pasco Networking Group and got to listen to Dr. Mitchell speak…really had a nice time…We have also teamed up with Go Fund Me in hopes of raising donations...

We could really use some volunteers…we will be meeting publically at Atonement Lutheran Church on SR54 in Wesley Chapel…the first and third Thursday at 7pm and the fourth Thursday at 1pm…every month from now until the launch…if you live in another state- you can still help…we are a 501 (c)(3) and a State of Florida approved charity, so I can sign off on volunteer hours…Because we are dealing  with 13 States and over 8 countries, a volunteer can learn- logistics, communication, budgeting, computer editing of letters, photo editing, how to be a videographer, work on a website - all while helping the community...Some may even join me during work out in the water and they would learn- about boating
safety, water tribitity, animals, currents, weather- again all while helping the community…

New on the website is our mailing list…please take time to sign up…be the first one to get the latest paddle news…we love our fans and like to keep you in the loop:)

That Will Be All,

Captain D