Monday, December 28, 2015

Hail Me Mates

Hail and Good Day to You,

            The year of 2015 has been productive…eighteen donation drops in twelve months goes above and beyond our goals and hopes…at the Sunshine Paddle we are so thankful for all of those who have helped make it so special- our ability to give is because of what you do for us…it was really amazing to be the one to make the drops, a really humbling feeling…

            The birth of 2 Notch’s baby was so special…the kayak breaking in the middle of 25 miles during the paddle was a challenge…The Blue Springs and Exotic BirdSanctuary were fun appearances and I learned a good deal…Crystal River, WeekiWachee, Hudson Beach and Anclote were great places to practice and build skill…SunWest and Grand Prix were not only great appearances but, a lot of activity…a great year

            Onward to 2016 we go…we are looking for a new kayak…sit on top 14L or bigger and not yellow…our 5th Paddle will launch from Hudson Beach on April 20th at 6 am…Our goal last year was one donation drop a month- I would like to continue the number of drop but, enlarge the amounts…if you have a kayak for sale or want to join me on the Paddle or would like to donate…I am always thankful for help
May you have a great New Year!!!!
The Girly Pirate