Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh so many thoughts…Gather the crew


Avast Me Hearties,

So much has happened this month…some is really weighing heavy on my heart and would really like your help with…we also have great news about the recently completed 25 Mile 2014 Paddle…

First this month was Gumbo Limbo the Sea Turtle Hospital…this is a really amazing place…it disturbs me greatly that US is #7 in the world for finning- this is so horrid, I will ask you to google the meaning…I also noted a number of turtles were being hurt due to be sucked into energy intakes…please tell me if we know this, why are there no grates over these intakes…our water tables are being hurt by the phosphate in the water being released from those same plants…again, why do we not put up forested pipes to clean the water before putting it back in system…lastly, if you live on the coast and have a porch light- PLEASE use yellow, green, amber or blue bulbs…it makes a difference to all of the costal creatures…please ask your representatives for help, these very small things will make a BIG difference…

My next stop was the Dolphin Research Center…did you know Dolphins and Orca are cousins…many animals for a holy host of reasons cannot be released and much like a handi-capable child, they need special homes…they are treated like family and loved- this is HIGHLY visible…this is a place that works with special needs children- OMG touches you heart to see the trainers just hanging out with the dolphins was so cool…the babies chatted with me swam around for me…there is one who enjoys ‘people watching’ so much that the trainers have to keep SPF on him…if you get to Grassy Key it is well worth the stop...did you know one adult dolphin eat 60 pounds of restaurant quality fish per day

Because I am the Girly Pirate, I get to go behind the scenes…I am not a major celebrity so people act naturally around me…currently there is a horrid move about orca running about…let me speak on a few things of what I observe…all of these places I have been are VERY clean…animals are well fed with top quality food…the are usually with every animal, a nose may get bent out of shape from time to time…when this does happen BAD things can happen as these are big animals (like a cow or horse or elephant)…the people who work there keep safety a priority…did you know cows kill 6 times the amount of humans as sharks do…that being said why does Discovery not have a ‘cow week’…because of money and ratings…the movie was made to provoke people and make money- not to help the animals…Dawn is looking down from heaven crying- these people used her death to hurt the animals she loved…her poor family has to see all this crapp in the news…I plead with you to ‘Blacklist Blackfish’...

The best for last…I MADE IT ALL 25 MILES!!!!! I left from Hudson Beach at 6 am and arrived at Anclote River Park at 2pm…Sunshine Paddle 2014 is complete…The Helping Hands Food Bank and Sunrise of Pasco Shelter will each get a check for $150…Applebees of Wesley Chapel gave a few gift certificates for workers…we also had an anonymous donor give a brand new piece of baby furniture for the shelter…when I launched it was really crappy weather so I had the water to myself…it is hard to explain how beautiful and amazing the trip was…I got to play with dolphins and 2 notch met up with me along the route…they were all quite encouraging…as I saw Walter waiting onshore…the feeling that was left in my heart is ‘peace be with you’…

Carry On,

Captain D

The Girly Pirate

Thursday, April 10, 2014

10 Days and Counting

Ahoy Matey,

I have so much to fill you in on…though I am doing much, I need help…with very little effort we have a chance to make a big difference…in the last 7 days, my world has been crazy…the next 14 will require a great deal of work from me and a little effort from you- we CAN make a change…let me explain:

In Boca Raton on the morning of April 5th, I walked for graduation of my Masters Degree from Everglades University…Lawanda cheerfully became a member of the crew and made the trip with me…several years ago I was told this could not happen for me due to the Battered Syndrome…from this please learn: you can do anything as long as you do not let anyone steal your dream…currently I am enrolled at Keiser University going after my PhD in Global Business…my goals are in sight and attainable…

That afternoon Lawanda and I went to Gumbo Limbo; the sea turtle sanctuary...I was grateful Diane made time to show this Girly Pirate around…Gumbo Limbo gets its name from a tree of the same name…this facility has classrooms for children and lecture rooms for adults…it is a well cared for and very clean environment…the animals under the care of this staff are very blessed…it is also a research center for local colleges…it bothered me that several of the turtles that were there had to be rescued from the intake of the power plant…*this could be fixed by putting a grating over the intake…also the turtle herpes/cancer…this is mostly due to phosphates being so high…*this could be fixed with a forested pipe…all donations are for the care of the facility and animals…

What can you do to make things better…change your outside bulbs…amber, yellow, red, blue and green are acceptable animal colors anywhere near water…no white, incandescent or flood type…if you want to take pics, be cool and do not use flash…clean up behind yourself…observe the animals, but do not interfere with them…pay attention to the area you are in

On the 6th we drove down to Grassy Key to the Dolphin Research Center…as the Girly Pirate, I was welcomed as a family…this is an amazing home to several animals…these animals each have their own story and each has its own why it cannot be released…here they have amazing care and love…the dolphins see themselves and the humans, as beings- one is treated with as much reverence as the other…they are a healthy and active part of the center…it is VERY easy to see the animals are happy…to see the bond between Dolphins and staff is really notable and heartwarming…this center also has the ability to handle special needs (both children and adult) and the animals seem to enjoy the ability to be therapeutic…
Lawanda and I had several special moments- really do not think we will ever be the same…all donations here are used on the animals and facility

 Cathy heard me and will be allowing me to us Yum Yum for the Sunshine Paddle…I will be going to pick her up on Saturday the 12th…sounds like a beach day or 2…I have been out and about getting pledge papers signed…starting to put together all my gear

On the 20th of April, I will paddle the 25 mile Coast of Pasco County, Florida...This is the Sunshine Paddle of 2014…we are treating this as a paddle a thon…half of all money donated will go to Sunrise of Pasco Battered Shelter and the other half will go to Helping Hands Food Pantry of Wesley Chapel…we will leave Hudson Beach at 6am and paddle through to Anclote Park…fingers are crossed for an amazing day:)
If you wish to pledge or paddle with us, please give me a call (813)907-6279.

Dismissed- Carry On,

Captain D

*Please stand up for a creature too small to help itself…send an e-mail to someone in your local or state government and ask for help…let them know you care