Saturday, April 20, 2013

One Year and Counting

All Hands on Deck,


I would like to start with the Sun Ray Paddle…we left Hudson at 6 a.m. and it was still quite dark…it was misty and the water was choppy…Samantha Ashley joined me…as we made our way down the coast we watched black clouds pass us to dump water onshore…as the sun broke the horizon and it gave the clouds a halo and the water was crystal clear…we had 2 different pods of dolphins come out to play with us…Sam was excited to see the horseshoe crabs…I saw a HUGE sea turtle…many different birds and fish were out and about…the houses so far off shore were so cool…we pulled up on Durney Key- this was funny…as we checked out shells, the birds checked us out…poor Sam had never been on a big paddle and her arms were VERY hurt, so I got her to the boat ramp next to the original ‘Hooters’…we totaled 8 miles…I am very proud of her- she showed up and did her best, I could not ask for more…We raised $10 for Sunrise of Pasco and $10 for Parks and Rec- Something is always better than nothing…Photos are posted and we both carried a mounted camera, so we will soon have video- Taylor is working on it now…I will let you know when it is posted…


Today is one year until the Sunshine Paddle…on April 1 the menu went back into effect- no soda or chocolate or baked goods:(…I have also started using the welso bike…it actually helps stretch me when I cannot get to the water…I also have the SOT (Sit On Top) trainer at home- one of my friends built this for me…the excitement is building...
Insight that I need to share…this sport is awesome…Sam had not paddled much before this trip…watching her took me back to a 5 lake paddle with Marty from (the group set up be Greg Pflug)…OMG…how cool Marty was with me…lol…he and the other paddlers took time to show me what to do and how to do…as Sam learned, I thought about how far I had come and how much I had learned- How great so many people have been… it was then I thought about how many nights I had gone to bed with burning arms and the fact that now, I had paddled 8 miles in open water for the Sun Ray Paddle and was not even winded or hurting…how far my body has come…confidence is high:)

Carry On,

Your Captain and Girly Pirate


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy and Nervous

Good Day Mate,

Grab a Lifewater and follow me…I really do not have time to stop…my time in Boca was so awesome…I graduated!!!!! Rachel at Spanish River was ready for me, but the weather was not good at first (great place, I will go back to see her again)…when it calmed down a friend let me use their yak…I love the ocean…Embassy Suites was awesome- clean and great service…

I have to be ready for The Sun Ray Paddle on Saturday… I had many people request me to make a paddle this year…well Saturday is the Launch day and so far NO ONE has entered…I hold out hope, but am prepared to do it alone…I made the commitment…I will be taking video and posting it and pictures… if you know anyone who will be here, please let them know I would love the company and all information can be found at “Sun Ray Paddle 2013”…or maybe they would like to meet me at Anclote…we would love to see you there if you have time…

I now have a clean bill of health and have started the one year countdown…this time next year I will paddle the Atlantic coast…the work out and menu have begun…both are very strict…I have also added a power bike to my time in the water…the dogs are happy as they are getting more exercise…
Many asked why I do this…I believe that even at a person’s lowest moment, you can reach inside and take out strength you forgot you had…you can overcome obstacles…sometimes it is painful or not so pretty, but it can be done…a dream is only a dream until you take action- then it becomes real…you may fail…it’s okay to fail…get up…dust yourself up…reevaluate your plan and try again…that is the only way to cut a path to success…I was once battered- left for dead…at times I was lonely, depressed and people had to tell me things I did not always want to hear- this usually happened in the most public way possible…in the  last 20 years- I raised 2 beautiful daughters (1 has given me an amazing grandchild) and married a man who loves me (and even at his worst would NEVER harm me), have my parents near me again, obtained my Massage License, wrote and published 2 books (with more on the way), Graduated Suma Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in Natural Medicine, Thanks to Facebook I have my friends that had to be left behind back in my life…I have worked VERY hard for all I have and I am VERY THANKFUL…my life is not perfect, but it is good…you can do it too…every day is new and even if you messed up yesterday, you get to try again today…when you get stressed, be thankful you never had to be the castle urine collector…lol

I recently went for a paddle on the Dunedin Causeway and had such a good time...I got to see my buddy Fred...he seemed happy to see me...I had forgot to put sunblock on before I left and got quite was such a spectacular day that I did not is a beautiful place to paddle and there were many sailboats out that day...I hope you are blessed with such a beautiful day:)


Carry On,

Your Girly Pirate