Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pirating in the New Year

The Girly Pirate had to make a treaty with the family to be landlocked this week…went to the beach a couple of times, but weather was too bad for Yakkin around…we didn’t like those waves anyway

The Christmas holiday was good…Santa gave me new paddles, a kindle fire, new sheets, YakPad and Chris’s wife smuggled me in some Thornton’s Chocolates all the way from England…I was a good Girly Pirate this year:)

I have used my time on land to catch up with office work…I have put out more requests for sponsorship…still looking for that camper to be donated…caught up all sites and have written several articles for…starting to make plans for our first workout on the east coast in Feb…I need to find someone to make the Girly Pirate a large flag- I have to be able to see it from the water, so that I can know where to land…

I bought a book (Sea Kayaking Illustrated by John Robinson)…do not judge this book by its cover…I thought it would be full of pretty pics…when it got here, I was disappointed to see the cartoons- until I started reading…for this sport this has quite a bit of very useful knowledge…real pics could not give such a full view so it turns out I am really happy for the cartoon figures now:)

I have been making appearances around Florida…the Blue Horizon loves the children to touch her…I think she sparkles for them…an elementary teacher spoke of how Native Americans used such craft and how The Lady Blue Horizon would help keep mommy’s and kids safe…

Did I tell you how lucky I am to be her Captain?

I am doing all of this through Donations…every penny helps…you can donate at PayPal or mail it in (information listed below)…as you put up your new stuff from the holiday, please remember to send us any camping or boating equipment you may be replacing and no longer need…we are trying to be as green as possible (reduce, reuse, recycle)…as I said earlier, we are still looking for some type of camper…

 Well it is New Years Eve and the Blue Horizon wants to go to the water…I will need to find portage to the water…have fun tonight, wear your best long clothes and don’t end up in the gibbet cages…

Captain D

To reach me with Information or Donations-

Dorraine Cooper-Rooney, LMT
30131 Clearview Dr
Wesley Chapel, FL 33545


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ahoy Matey

Welcome Aboard,

            It has been a busy few days for the Girlie Pirate…Friday seemed to take forever…I had a hard time sleeping, I was so excited…It was Saturday and time to head for Sarasota…YEA!!!!!!

            A happy Girly Pirate I was to find George had taken her to the beach for me when I got to Economy Tackle…I paid young Lee and off to Siesta Key we went…poor Walter had to put up with the VERY excited Girly Pirate

            As we drove down the street I could see her on the rack…I swear she was calling to me…she wanted to show me all her new goodies…she wanted to be in the gulf and not the bay…quickly I untied her and Walter helped me carry her over the dune…I could feel her excitement at the waves…the big blue girl likes big blue water…

After a few minor adjustments, we were off…the improvements had shifted her center of gravity- in a good way…it did take some time getting used to and I think we were both nervous…I was happy to have the Lady Blue Horizon home and she was happy to be here…I faced moderate chop and I was okay…she was making me a better sailor and a better person...the school of dolphins were happy to swim beside us:)

            On my way off Siesta Key we stopped at the Orange Octopus…Kim makes ice cream as good as mine with the same fresh ingredients…I had the espresso chip in a cup and Walter had the mint chip in a waffle cone…YUM

I found a great place to shop in Sarasota...I even got a girlie pirate Tshirt...prices were great and the staff was helpful...had way to many cute swim is called 'Splish Splash'...I can hardly wait to go back

            On the ride home, Walter was telling me about the Metal Detector Book he was reading…I was so tired and happy; the miles seemed to race by…it did my heart good to see my big girl back in her rack (I think even Yum Yum had missed her) and I think she was happy to be home

            Sunday and Monday brought patients for me to work on, but I could feel the pull of the ocean to my soul…I made some changes and plans started to form for Tuesday…I would go over to AncloteRiver Park…Cooper (my 80yr old father) was going with me…he had never been to the area and never been when I went kayaking…I was in for an interesting day

            Tuesday came to find not such great weather on the water…I will not find everyday good weather on my trip, so I was going…We got there at high tide…the weather was about 58f air and 65f water, cloudy and windy, coming up on high tide…I paddled for the protection of the mangrove islands…even they were little comfort…they day turned sunny and warmed to 70f air, but the wind grew stronger…the cross current in the channel seemed to be hard for even the dolphins to maneuver…when my arms started to hurt I came in…just as I went to get out, a wave popped the aft end of the boat and I got flipped into the water…my dad would not let put on dry clothes until we had the Blue Horizon tied down…lol…what was even funnier is he had this psyko squirrel following him the whole time we were there and if I did not know better I would say he was trying communicate with him….hmmm

            On the way back, Dad had me pull into a stables he had once been to in the 1950s…I pulled in and the very kind woman made time for dad, she had been there 9 years…her name is Joy Lambert…she trains horses and people in Jumping and Hunting…the Windward Farms stables are beautiful…the horses are well taken care of…we ran into beautiful wildlife as we walked the property...a lovley stop

            This morning I was a sore Girly Pirate…going through the mail I found a lucky charm sent from a facebook friend and cowboy in Ireland…it will be placed on my life vest the morning I leave for my trip…as you know this trip is run on donations and any and every thing is helpful

May the wind be at your back;)

Captain D

Friday, December 16, 2011

Yo, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Life Water

Good Morning My Crew,

It is the holiday season…being a good Captain, I made sure voices would lift in song and children have presents under the tree…not because I am rich, but because it’s the right thing to do…

This Girlie Pirate was given a blessing for hard work this year early in the week…a special day in Crystal River with the Manatees…I was happy to get the invitation from Crystal RiverKayak…loved the new changing rooms…the water at the 3 Sister Spring was so warm, blue and clear…then out came the beautiful creatures to play with us…Janis and I felt like the most special women on earth…wicked awesome…we got off the water just as the rain started…what a great day!!!!
The SunshinePaddle YouTube has grown…our ‘favorite’ file on that site has music from most every venue and many great educational videos…we have also loaded at least one video for every area we have gone into since that part of The Sunshine Paddle YouTube sites inception…learning to add an invisible third person is not as easy as it sounds…we have really learned a lot about shooting video…anyplace on the website that contains a YouTube box is a clickable link to a video;)

The menu during the holiday has not been easy to maintain…many contraband goodies have been smuggled in…I have only tasted a few treats…my body is in a state of health that limit what I can eat, so when I do eat, it has to carry heavy nutrient…not easy…my system is so clean at the moment that any junk food tends to send me running for the bathroom- not in a good way…I can hardly wait to eat regular food again…I will be cooking the holiday meal this year…Yummers

I got a message from a person who watches the Photobucket…I only crop pics, NO retouching allowed…what you see in a pic is what was there when I was…Florida has a vast amount to offer other than the many Theme Parks and I wanted to be able to show it properly…I have been blessed with a great photo club on facebook…they have helped me immensely at improving my skills and answering my questions…I have also been reading several books on the issue…we have been using many different cameras, hence learning how each works and what among each is universal…this has been kind of fun

I went on a solo trip this week to Anclote River Park…this is a Pasco County Park…makes me proud to be from Pasco County…the people who work here work very hard to maintain this area…it is VERY clean and well kept…I was there at low tide this time…it was still an easy launch…the soil/sand looked quite healthy and active…it was cloudy and cold (65f) when I launched, so I pretty much had the water to myself…I paddled all over the area in Yum Yum and had fun…there were so many animals to see…as the weather cleared some other paddlers came up in some very neat boats…the belong to a racing club…one had a really sweet Epic Kayak…I got home, got Yum Yum washed off and put up…I was a tired Girly Pirate and feeling quite accomplished…

After speaking with George at Economy Tackle, I knew the Blue Horizon was in trouble…he had spoke about calling the manufacturer…I called Perception (they own the Dagger Brand) and a nice young woman listened to my problem…she was very helpful and hope was restored…George was right all along, this gave him permission from the manufacturer to alter the bulkhead and now she was to be fixed…late yesterday afternoon, George called to say she was ready for pick up…I have patients today so, I am going Saturday and I am so psyked for this…I can hear her calling me…The Lady Blue Horizon is ready to get in the water and I am so ready to take her…I think I will launch from the gulf side of Turtle Beach…maybe Gayle at SiestaKey Bungalows will have room for me and I can stay on the water all day…hmmm…I will keep you posted…
Donations of a YakPad from Florida and Binoculars from Ohio get a big thank you…it is really a green trip as everything is a donation…many people are putting in effort to bring this even together….I would like to thank them for the time and effort…thank you to those who donate by mail, paypal or the website…every contribution helps make this a reality…I am ever so appreciative…
I would like to close with a great thought- We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came. A quote from John F. Kennedy:)

The Girly Pirate,

Captian D

Monday, December 5, 2011

Power in the Paddle

Merry Meet My Crew,

As we draw closer to Yule, life has become hectic…none of the children will be home for the holiday… the start of the week found me staring at my guitar……9 months ago I quit smoking cigarettes…I had  purchased the guitar to keep my hands busy while I quit...I can not play a song, but can run scales really…I read a book about being a good sea captain…they always brought the spiritually back to shore…with this in mind I called the Lutheran Church (no I am not Lutheran, but they do the most for the community in my area- food bank, welfare sign up, etc….and I thought they could use the help)…I spoke to Preacher Scott and offered the guitar as donation as long as it was used at the church…he agreed and I offered to bring it by later in the week…he also spoke to me about the special tree covered in special angels and he was worried for the older children as no one was worried over them and they were boys…NONE of the young men I raised have ever hit a woman…if a young man in my community needs a hand to grow strong in mind and heart…I will be here
After checking for gator content, I found a few big retention ponds and Yum Yum and I snuck in a few workouts …I felt like a teen going cow tipping, sneaking around trying not to get caught- I am not sure if I am using an area I am allowed to be in…Massage has picked up, holiday shopping and I had Midterm Test in Naturopathy with a paper due…all of this left me pressed for workout time…(passed my exam, turned in my paper, shopped and handled all clients…still able to workout…YEA!!!)

I called Economy Tackle to get an ETA on the Blue Horizon…George said he had been swamped and I told him that I would be there on Saturday…I called Siesta Key Bike and Kayak….Lance was off, but Scotty was a big help…he booked my weekend rental and referred me to Gayle at Siesta Key Bungalows

        Time again had come to head back to the doctor…all is well…he has been amazed at my tenacity on improving my health…being my doctor (since I have battered women’s syndrome) is not an easy task…Dr. Robert Casanas has helped me a great deal and it is through his wisdom that I now have the ability to pull the Sunshine Paddle off…

The 8th Annual Peace Breakfast for the SunriseShelter was a rather nice fund raiser held at the Tampabay Golf and Country Club….it was a chilly morning and it was a beautiful spread…the food was tasted good…the speakers were very powerful…it strengthened my resolve for my journey

On Saturday Walt and I headed for Sarasota….did you know it was named for Sara De Soto…interesting story/ worth the Google…I got to EconomyTackle to find George swamped due to a current sale…he said he has to call perception- currently they own the Dagger Brand, and see what they recommend…I was disappointed that after 2 weeks she was not ready…safety comes first…even young Lee was swamped so I will not complain…I am happy they are busy
             After checking in with Lance and setting up for the rental yak to be delivered, we went to the hotel…I was expecting some shlumpy room as I had booked last minute and due to the paddle Gayle (she owns the place) was letting me have it for free…we got there and got given keys to the dolphin suite…OMG…it was so beautiful…an intimate courtyard led to the most lushly appointed room…the open living space layout gave it a homey feel…the bed was so amazing…felt like I was climbing back in the womb…all I can say is AWESOME…the landscaping around this property was fantastic...Gayle at Siesta Key Bungalows has set a new standard in guest room:)

We headed down to Turtle beach Launch…The Neville WildlifeReserve is an amazing place at sunset…we had a wilderness 12 foot Yak…since it was windy, tracking was a challenge…Walter is feeling better about the water…I think for most people, the more you Yak the better you get…we were out for hours and the sun seemed suspended in the sky…we got back and ran over to Turtle Beach (over a sand dune) to catch the finishing of the sunset…we parked our behinds in the sand to watch, when suddenly appeared many birds….this was quite funny as one little guy tried to go home with Walter

We got supper at Captain Curt’s Crab and Oyster Bar upon Lance's recommendation…the staff was sweet and gave good service…they offered a nice variety on the menu, it was very clean and the food was really good…it was here I really noticed how green people here were…if a room was empty lights were shut off, nothing on unless in use, recycling here was we wandered around we noted most of the island is this way…I have to admit, it made me feel better to spend my money in an area that is attempting to be eco friendly

Walt and I got up to take pics of the sunrise and found a crew of seniors cleaning the public beach- please note the public beach at Siesta Key is kept spotless…not suprising at all that this is the #1 beach

We worked our way back to Siesta Key Bike and Kayak and it was still early…we noticed the Orange Octopus had someone working at the early hour and she offered exquisite pastries…she was also sweet enough to watch the gear until Lance arrived so Walt and I could get on the road…how cool is that?

Though I am missing the Blue Horizon, I am glad she will give me a chance to go back to that area and visit with my new friends…in the meantime; Yum Yum will continue to build me up…All hands on deck…this trip is being done solely on donations…if you have any boating or camping equipment in the garage or attic that you might could donate please call (813)907-6279 …every penny helps, please feel free to donate through our website…we are always open to accepting positive thoughts too:)...we are thankful for all help
Captain D
  "May the Lord fill your sails with fair wind, support your hulls in inviting seas, guide your hands upon the tiller toward pleasant places and bring us home, O Lord, to a safe and loving harbor."

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful for the Paddle

Good Day Crew,
I have been working at a high production rate this week…the holiday was fast approaching and I needed some down time…I had to finish my class in cellular Detox (got a high B- proud of this as it was not an easy class), cleaning the garden, I got my medical patients ready for their holiday, I am also writing articles of, taking care of family holiday plans and work on the paddle…can you say busy?????

 I am working on an instructional letter for site usage…this is so The Sunshine Paddle website can be used to the best advantage…thank you for so many updates on how your classrooms are using the site…thank you for responding from so many countries…we do love the snail mail too…what a great way to teach youngsters that e-mail is not proper for everything and how to write a letter…I do respond to ALL snail-mail…it is good to hear how grandparents and home school parents are getting a lot from the site;)

Cleaning the garden helped to bring nature into focus…since I have been on the paddle, my garden had been neglected…until that point I had been quite vigilant so a little neglect did not hurt….the clean up however is important (much like that of the gulf oil spill), when the area is clean- the plants breathe better….when the plants breather better- they clean more toxins from the air, hence I breathe better…after all I have seen of our Florida gulf coast, we are in a recovery stage…this can be seen from the amount of dead loss and missing fish (fish that are known to be in an area that have-hopefully- momentarily disappeared)…the mullet and lady fish seem to be the cockroaches of the gulf…they are everywhere and plentiful….also they keep jumping in my boat…lol

The patients love what I am trying to do and often offer me good information…it is the positive energy they give me that shoves me into the cold water to practice…we talk about menus and supplements…I am a firm believer in being an individual…as my menu is set for that which is happening in my life…I sit and listen and adjust the menu and supplements to that person…it has kept them excelling with me…it does tend to keep all of us healthy and when we do get sick we have an easier time of recovery- most of the time with minimal or no use of prescriptions…

I have now started a series of articles for…due to the unusual way this paddle has come about; they asked if I could share the story…with my usual open style I accepted…as soon as I find out when they will start running, I will post the link:)

Most of my family was out of the area for Thanksgiving…my husband and I took my parents to the Golden Coral in Zephyrhills…the service was great and restaurant was very clean…the food was amazingly YUMMY…I was allowed to take a quick video at the salad bar (which is OMG HUGE)…no shopping or clean up and you can buy left-overs by the pound…great time

I have spoken to many about the site…added updates to all sites…then early yesterday I had to go to see the computer doctor in Holiday…his wife spoke to me of a county park…Anclote River Park –this is a county park, not to be confused with the state park ‘Anclote Island’

Anclote is a small park, but packed with stuff to do…kids playground, swim area, boat launch, fishing area, etc…my husband saw dolphins near shore…they do have a $2 per car usage fee- BIG BANG for your buck here…I launched from the beach and paddled all around the small mangrove islands in the channel…I need a boat mounted camera…I saw so much wildlife above and below the water…I saw several types of fish (even saw one rubbing the dead skin on the coquina) and birds seem to be all shapes, sizes and colors…I saw many kayakers here…fisherman and families on an outing day- quiet and shallow area with clear water, great beginners does not suprise me that pirates loved this was really good fun

Side note…the more I paddle the more I note 3 pet peeves…’No Wake’ means you need to go slow- to protect people, animals and yourself…if you have a motor, please makes sure it is well kept- if a dolphin does not have a right to pour motor oil in your home, do not do it to his…most situations can and should be handled with a cool head for the best chance at a good outcome

The Blue Horizon should be home from the kayak doctors at Economy Tackle next week…I plan to pick her up on Saturday (Sunday if weather is bad)…if you want to paddle Turtle Creek Park on Siesta Key in Sarasota, call me (813)907-6279…it is a great beginners paddle and has lots of wild life;)…I plan to be there most of the day...also note there is a campground there...

May QueenAnne’s Revenge be below your hull and your sails above,
Captain Rooney

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fifteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest

Ahoy Mate,
The last week has had me deep in study…I am setting up maps and day bags for each stop along the journey…day bags contain all the information we have for each day (maps, pics, info, charts, etc…)…learning the coast from the land and the water has me feeling like a true Captain…I have also read ‘The CompleteSea Kayakers Handbook’ by Shelley Johnson recommended to me by Terry Brawley, cover to cover…great book, I would recommend for anyone who is thinking of doing any type of kayaking…well worth my time, packed with great information and ideas

I had to write more letters…this time to each Governor in every State along my route…I am not great at writing letters and sometimes it is hard to find the correct words…I have written and rewritten some letters up to 20 times…whether sent via snail mail or e-mail it is important to write some letters properly…in the personal world ‘BRB’ is okay, in a professional medium one must use full words

Walter completed the yak stand, so Yum Yum has her spot too…I was able to send Marilyn Lemay of MA some fabric…she can sew and will be making me some goodies for the trip…I am excited…we got an e-mail from Trish who received the books…Chris has been sending to the BBC and some Kayak/Canoe clubs in the UK…Monique still has a kayak in MA at an incredible price, please message her if interested…I stopped and spoke to the woman who owns ‘Attitudes’ in Wesley Chapel…she will soon be sending a care package to the Sunrise Shelter…she and the ladies who work for her have taken care of me and my twins for 10 years…they stay up to date on all the latest cuts and the pedicure has an awesome foot massage…

I have made it my resolve to call at least 3 school systems a week…some are really quick and some are covered in red tape…I keep reminding myself “the amount of kids who will benefit are worth the amount of crapp I have to wade through.”

The Blue Horizon is with the kayak doctors at Economy Tackle, I left her with Lee yesterday…I know they will be good to her…it is strange, but I seem to be having a slight twinge of separation anxiety…her spot seems so empty…

Walter and I rented a tandem ‘Wilderness’ Yak from ‘Siesta Key Bike andKayak’ and paddled around the ‘Neville Wildlife Reserve’…Lance brought our Yak down to the water with everything (PFD, paddle, map, etc…) and we were off…paddling in and out of mangrove tunnels was just too cool…mullet jump VERY high out of the water and birds everywhere…the water was shallow, clear and cold…we saw some other fish, but I am not sure what they were yet…the soil/sand seems quite fertile here…I saw many clam holes and much sea grass…great workout…We got to meet some people from Minnesota who were just Yakkin around too:)

Right over the sand dune from Lil Sarasota Bay is Turtle Beach on the gulf of Mexico…the last time I was here, we did not have time to stop…this time I made time…Walter and I were greeted by the most beautiful blue/green water and such a clean beach…so many different birds, beautiful shells and calm, clear water…so glad we stopped…

All hands on deck…this trip is being done solely on donations…if you have any boating or camping equipment in the garage or attic that you might could donate please call (813)907-6279…every penny helps, please feel free to donatethrough our website…we are always open to accepting positive thoughts too:)...we are thankful for all help

May your brightwork stay polished and your Bigwigs stay oblivious,


Monday, November 14, 2011

Dancing in the Daylight- Felling Productive

The Blue Horizon is still in dry dock…though Walter has tried several times, since the repair could mean my life, he feels safer with her going to the Yak Hospital in Sarasota (Economy Tackle)…we both have great faith in Dr. George…I am excited as while they work on the Blue Horizon, I can call Lance (941)346-0891 and Rent a Yak...push off Turtle Beach…anyone want to go???

Janice helped me get some books ready to be mailed…people in this situation need education that applies them to a better situation…I called Trish to let her know to expect them and to request the ability to give some items to the local food shelter…we also put together the walkie talkies, digital compass (both are great for kids to learn-but they will not work for us at the moment) and a few books and sent them to the Lutheran Church on SR54 in Wesley Chapel…it is the food pantry in this area…I thought of how many children are in those VERY long lines….keeping their mind occupied gives the parents and staff some peace…educational toys and books give the kids knowledge…how can that be a bad thing???

Walter’s vacation has been spent putting together a rack of the Yaks…this will keep them off the ground and in the shade…also at a level I can work with…I am impressed with his design…it is quite solid, but quite arty at the same time…It is hard to believe it cost less than $30…this pic is when it was only half done, promise I will post full pic soon….

My old computer that handled the pictures died and it too will be on the way to the doctor also….I have been taking the card to Walgreens…they burn me a disk for upload…as this computer is not made for pics and has no card slots

Donations are a big thing for this trip (this is why you do not see adverts all over the pages)…we need all the help we can get…I am trying to be green as possible…Catherine and Paul Cooper of Wesley Chapel have donated all the land maps we will need for the trip and camping guides to the coast…in fact, the maps are just as important as those we got off the computer- with very different details…Mr. Cooper even took time to take my packages to the post office for me…

I have started calling several different schools to let them know this resource is available to them and how it works…it makes my heart swell when they find out that it is free to use…they are so happy…

We went to Fort De Soto to train this week…a really amazing place…the cannon were huge and look as though they could work again if needed…made me feel safe…this beach was loaded with all kind of shells…the fishing pier was busy and 3 fish were caught in front of us…birds of every kind all over the park…you can paddle to the  ‘Sunshine Skyway Bridge’…though please keep in mind the current can be kind of strong, make sure you have the muscle for this paddle

If you have camping or boating equipment that you could donat or loan us please call me (813)907-6279

If you can donate money please click here, every dollar helps

May your sails be full of good Chi…

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Surf Dreams

I have felt in hell all week with The Blue Horizon in dry dock….I am ready to have her back in the water…I know George and Walter are going to make sure she is fixed properly and that it is best to have patients, but I feel the pull of the water and I can feel her straining for it too…

I have been sitting down on a table out back, working with my paddle to keep my shoulders from freezing…it gave me a chance to work on issues with my stroke…I got to video myself out of the Yak, play it back and adjust myself…I also put together a standing workout with my paddle…it builds coordination of body parts and builds paddling muscle…becoming one with the paddle may sound quite Zen, but it may save my life…

Marion is back to pushing safety videos…I have read every safety manual she can find, then we did safety blogs and now I have graduated to videos…yippy skippy

Janice and I took Yum Yum to Honeymoon Island…lack of salt water was getting me depressed…Janice got plenty of video and I was able to see how my stroke had improved…the water was around 72f….brrrr…I have to paddle through winter this year so, I better get used to it…air temp was about 88f…the water was CRYSTAL clear…Fred came out to greet me…he had a friend join him-though the friend was sent away quickly…Janice got to see him sitting just off shore waiting for me…I kind of think it funny- not too many women can say they have a pet shark, I DO NOT feed or pet him- he is wild…though I do talk to him and he does respond to me…very odd relationship

I am currently in class for ‘Detox and Healing’ at a cellular level (not from drugs)…I am finding the flush (they call it a fast) worth my time…my body is clearing out…glad I got to do this during fall…all my fave fruits and veggies for this are in season…feeding my muscles straight nutrient is giving me a clean burn

Next week will be quite busy and I hope to spend Friday in Sarasota…I am dying to launch off turtle creek again…it is my hope I will be able to take the Blue Horizon on this journey…fingers crossed…I need to see about making a cockpit cover…please remember all of this runs on dontaion...time, advice, equipment, help snd money...give us the ability to pull this off and we are thankful for any and all consideration;)

May the wind be at you back;)

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