Sunday, August 25, 2013

Choices and Decisions

Avast Me Hardies,

I bring news forth…as you know, I have been battling battered women’s syndrome for over 20 years…last week it became very serious…my heart went into hypertrophy…this was very painful…I went to Florida Hospital of Wesley Chapel and was admitted…this is an amazing hospital…they ran many tests, the staff was polite and respectful…though I could not eat much- the food was to die for…I felt safe in Their care…these events are brought forth from damage to my brainstem…I have been for my recheck- I am healthy and have doctor okay to return to m kayak

To make my family happy…I need to find a teammate…they are worried if I am on the water and an event happens, I may not make it back to shore…I am physically fit to perform the task ahead, but I have a brain stem that likes to have fun with me…though they have begged for this- I now have to agree…safety must be a priority at all times…a second paddler could only be a good thing…help would be a great thing...looking for 3 different people

What do they need to do???

I need someone who will paddle with me 2-3 days a week…on the off days be willing to work out until we launch…we will launch on the Atlantic Coast Paddle on April 20, 2015…it will take minimum of 40 days…I am willing to do tandem or two singles…this person needs to live in Florida

I have to have someone manage the Paddle…up until now I have done it all, but really need some help…it has gotten to be too much for just one person…this person must be organized and not mind dealing with different states…this person can live anywhere as most of this would be phone or internet work

A person to handle media along the even route would be a Godsend too…as this is a phone and internet job- this person too could be most anywhere too


I am back on the water…like any good pirate the salt calls to the blood in me veins…it is where I feel whole and recharged- the peace, the animals, the fresh air…It is my wish for others to see how special it is…I am requesting help if you know of anyone, please let me know…

Your Girly Pirate,




Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bos’n Call Forth Me Scurvy Dogs

Rough Sea Me Hearties,

This summer has seen the boat fighting many storms and at least fairing well in the beam seas…I have not been able to take many pictures when I have to fight the paddle- sorry…when the storms were too hard, I worked the bike…it is now I should admit I feel better than I have in ages…

We approach the 8 month point with gusto…weather I paddle or not from here out the welso must become an everyday thing…it is now I will work harder on endurance…it is now I want to hash out any issues...I do not want to find them find on the paddle this time…

I am in a new job that allows me to paddle (for now) as a requirement to the job…how very cool is that…I am so excited…I measure things like current and flow…it will be neat to have all of this information for this area…

Sadly I must speak of a crew member we lost…she was a woman who it took almost 10 years to get away from her abuser…it had been aprox. 25 years since her last beating…she died due to complications caused by the old injuries…coming to terms with that was not easy on many levels...she is now free…may she swim the waters of Valhalla as she always talked about

At the moment I am trying to scout a Sit On Top Vessel…I would like 2 yaks to be safe on our journey…though, I am aware when I round the bend in NC, I will mostly us the Horizon…I would like a Sit On for the southern states…I hope for a donation of either a SOT or cash to get one…fingers crossed...If you have a picture of a ‘Girly Pirate’ please send it to us…every one is important and should be loved…who got in a kayak this summer??? Did you try other water sports??? Did you volunteer at your local shelter??? Did you donate??? So many charities have had their budgets cut, please remember a good Pirate takes care of their community…

Carry On,

Captain D