Sunday, October 30, 2011

Surf Dreams

I have felt in hell all week with The Blue Horizon in dry dock….I am ready to have her back in the water…I know George and Walter are going to make sure she is fixed properly and that it is best to have patients, but I feel the pull of the water and I can feel her straining for it too…

I have been sitting down on a table out back, working with my paddle to keep my shoulders from freezing…it gave me a chance to work on issues with my stroke…I got to video myself out of the Yak, play it back and adjust myself…I also put together a standing workout with my paddle…it builds coordination of body parts and builds paddling muscle…becoming one with the paddle may sound quite Zen, but it may save my life…

Marion is back to pushing safety videos…I have read every safety manual she can find, then we did safety blogs and now I have graduated to videos…yippy skippy

Janice and I took Yum Yum to Honeymoon Island…lack of salt water was getting me depressed…Janice got plenty of video and I was able to see how my stroke had improved…the water was around 72f….brrrr…I have to paddle through winter this year so, I better get used to it…air temp was about 88f…the water was CRYSTAL clear…Fred came out to greet me…he had a friend join him-though the friend was sent away quickly…Janice got to see him sitting just off shore waiting for me…I kind of think it funny- not too many women can say they have a pet shark, I DO NOT feed or pet him- he is wild…though I do talk to him and he does respond to me…very odd relationship

I am currently in class for ‘Detox and Healing’ at a cellular level (not from drugs)…I am finding the flush (they call it a fast) worth my time…my body is clearing out…glad I got to do this during fall…all my fave fruits and veggies for this are in season…feeding my muscles straight nutrient is giving me a clean burn

Next week will be quite busy and I hope to spend Friday in Sarasota…I am dying to launch off turtle creek again…it is my hope I will be able to take the Blue Horizon on this journey…fingers crossed…I need to see about making a cockpit cover…please remember all of this runs on dontaion...time, advice, equipment, help snd money...give us the ability to pull this off and we are thankful for any and all consideration;)

May the wind be at you back;)

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Make Safety A Priority

Since we had high wind on Sunday, I went to Philippe Park in Safety Harbor…It was quite beautiful at every view…this shares tide with Tampa Bay instead of the Gulf of Mexico…I pushed off at low tide and got to see the marsh grass;)…it looked far healthier than Dunedin Causeway and had many little critters above and below the soil/sand…

I spoke to Terry at Easy Kayaking…I ordered the books he recommended and find it was well worth the money…both books have been filled with very valuable information…the books stress the importance of Safety Training…I have never rolled my boat and wanted to make sure I knew what to do if it happened…We had several days of high wind and rain with lightening that kept me landlocked, so off I went to find a pool for practice…I also knew it to be important to have a bilge pump now…I got a cool one from Dick’s Sporting goods that looks like a water cannon…those guys find me the coolest gear:)

I was blessed…Dan at Meadow Point 3 gave me some pool time for Friday…okay so the temperature has dropped 20 degrees…I can do this…I started watching videos on YouTube on Kayak safety and the many different instructors who had so much information to share…I even watched the videos on what NOT to do

Friday Morning came…I was so excited, I woke up at 3 am…went through the books and videos just one more time before loading her on the car…I was expecting a small lap pool…OMG…I could paddle around this pool in the Blue Horizon and never bump the side…I felt truly blessed and wanted to cry, but there was work to be done…though it was a cold morning, the water was warm as I took my first roll…it was not as bad as I thought and not as easy as the video made it look…lol…the bilge pump worked well and she floats…the aft bulkhead is cracked…that made training difficult as the stern kept filling with water…Dan was kind enough to offer us use at another time and help me get her on the car

The Blue Horizon is currently in dry dock for the next few days undergoing repair…funny, I feel like a parent with a child in the hospital…she will be better than new…every woman deserves a spa day…lol…

May your waters be blue and flat for smooth sailing...please remember this is all running on donation and everypenny helps:)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Girl Update

Last weekend was a wash…lightening, high wind and rain were not things to be kayaking in when you do not HAVE to…I actually got slightly depressed from being off the water :/…

I worked hard at the office work…either people love what I am doing or they placate me, thinking I will never accomplish my goal…I will make (I can see myself with goal accomplished)…I do have 2 more sites confirmed (Cape Lookout- I will need to tent camp there, Canoe River Campground in MA) …GA is afraid I cannot accomplish my goal…Fred Hay better hold on to his jeans…the waters of GA may fight my paddle, but I fight back…semper-fi;)..I also ordered 2 books that Terry Brawley recommended from Amazon…He is from Easy Kayaking and has a huge wealth of knowledge…I am so glad Yoda sent me to him to learn…I am pushing for donation of the last 2 big ticket items (camper and laptop)…I need to start loading both, fingers are crossed…

On Thursday, I went for a 5 lake paddle in Winter Park (cute, little, sleepy town) with some of the very top paddlers I met through and Greg Pflug…I learned ever so much…it was an amazing morning…the sun coming up over the water…the canals from lake to lake were so beautiful, my breath caught in my chest…this is one of those times when pictures don’t hold a candle…it seemed like each paddler took time to teach me different things…I really felt blessed…we then went to breakfast at a cute diner with good food…the guys then spoke of other things I need to keep in mind to accomplish the task set forth…listening and being able to ask questions, was just too cool…everyone was very positive

I worked hard on Friday to be able to have the weekend off…Saturday, I was supposed to have a group go with me off Dunedin causeway…when no one showed up:/, Walter offered to try (he is not big on being in the ocean)…he did good until we got to the shipping channel…the Horizon handled well…the light chop had NO effect on her…guess who greeted me…Fred or at least that is what I have named him…he is a sand shark with a damaged dorsal fin- I do not have his picture yet…he was swimming beside me…glad Walt did not see himJ

I feel blessed…I am being given every water condition to paddle in…I am learning from people who do major tours via kayak…at times, I am left alone…it gives me time to work out the lessons and be one with the Blue Horizon…I have now lost 60 pounds and I feel great…my back and shoulders feel like they have wing span…lol...I have kept the Photobucket and Youtube updated as well as The Sunshine Paddle site...

Next week, The Blue Horizon will be getting some adjustments made…I need some extra seats…for this, I need someone who can sew…you see they no longer make The Magellan Class of Dagger Kayaks any longer…so I cannot go buy one…it will need to be made…please call me (813)907-6279…I need help adjusting her rudder pegs…her stern bulkhead needs shured up, I am getting both done to be safe…OMG…though I do not own this boat- the Sunshine Paddle Event does, I am her Captain, it is my responsibility to keep her safe

This morning I am off to Anclote State Park…a new place to launch from, I will get pics…since it is opposite to Dunedin, I wonder if Fred will find me…I like him but, always keep in mind he is a wild animal with a lot of teeth;)...May the wind be at your back and your paddle glide on water...may you enjoy all life has to offer you…if you want to paddle with or have a paddle you think I could join, give me a call (813)907-6279 …if you would like to donate please e-mail or call (813)907-6279 or go to the site- fund raising tab and use the pay pal button…thank you for any and all help;)

Be Blessed,


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feeling Blessed

On 10/3/11, Janice and I took Blue Horizon down to the Kayak Doctor at Economy Tackle…the Yakima Foam System worked great…I went down I75 to Sarasota at around 60 m.p.h. and had no problems

Lee worked on her rudder and Allen decked her with new bungees…while I watched in fascination, Janice walked around the store…she got me a better PFD than what I had, 2 spray skirts (a neoprene and a canvas), reflective tape and an orange vest- all on sale…Allen spoke to me about Yakkin…very wise man with a lot of good information…when they were done Janice and I both got so excited and wanted to get her in the water…the guys sent us to Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach was a great launch…we met some guys from Ohio who helped us get the boat off the car and into the water…YEA…I paddled up, down and all around the canal to learn how my rudder worked and she had much more length than Yum Yum…OMG…she is so fast and powerful…I know she will be given to the museum…I am just enjoying the privilege to be her captain for a short time…we saw many lady fish jumping…the brown pelicans were interesting, I have never seen a bird dive so deep or for so long without being at sea…

On the 10/5, I put through all the web and picture updates…I have also stared contacting some of the groups recommended to me by other Yakkers…the Yak community is ever so helpful, it is one of the best things about this sport…

It was the 6th when I heard from Greg Pflug…he and the crew are going to help me with my skill set…that will put me in Orlando next Thursday…I also sent a lovely book to my 2 favorite girl scout leaders...I hope to inspire them

I am getting to see a side of Florida that most people think no longer exists…it is very beautiful…if you plan to visit Florida, may I suggest spending ½ a day in a kayak…take only pictures and leave NO footprint, see the beauty of nature…it really is money well spent;)
On the 8th you can find me at Dunedin Causeway…I hope to have some friends join me for a trek around the Smith Islands…Walter will be following me on Yum Yum…I am very excited, he does not get to join in often…

Tonight I will ride the wave to sleepy land feeling blessed...thank you all for sharing it with me;)

Blessed Be,


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Making Lemonade

So much has happened…

I got a call from MA…Monique’s husband…the New Day went from a 14ft Fiberglass to an 8 ft plastic Kayak (sit in)…;/this is not good for what I am doing, that size is good for rivers and lakes…so we will sell it in MA and Monique will send me the money to help us with the Trip…if you are interested please e-mail Monique

The Blue Horizon is considerably bigger than Yum Yum…I have spent the week trying to find a car carrier or the money to purchase one…on Saturday I was able to get Yakima Foam System From Dick’s for $25…I was also able to get a drybag on clearance;)..I need to go back and get the spray skirt and hatch cover

I have gotten offers of help on the rudder and bungees from Crystal River Kayak and Economy Tackle…since I will be in Sarasota next weekend, I will go by Economy Tackle…in 2 weeks I will be in Crystal River and stop at CR Kayaks, I want to say hello to the woman who started me on this paddling addiction;)

Updates have been placed throughout the website…from the Photobucket to the YouTube and even this Captain’s Log…you can find us on facebook under The Sunshine Paddle…as soon as we have confirmed a landing we will post a conformation page, you can get to it by hovering over the page for that day…those pages will be use for our own pictures and information;)

I have been learning to use several different types and styles of cameras for this trip…I am thankful to my ‘Photo of the Day’ group of facebook for teaching me so much…it is a good mix of photographers and picture takers…light, focus and composition are easier said than done;)

On 10/8, I plan on being in Sarasota for the day…we have a whole group going…come be part of the fun…e-mail or call me (813)907-6279…I will be taking Blue Horizon on her sea trials…Janice will be holding down the sand…lol…she is good at working the land camera…I am so very excited…Sarasota…YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As always we are looking for donations…if you have boating or camping gear hiding in your closet or garage…call us (813)907-6279 (we prefer used over new items/ reduce, reuse, recycle)…the only 2 big ticket items left are the camper and a laptop…several small items are needed though…We also need cash donations to be able to make the trip for food, gas and supplies that must be bought fresh…every person counts and every dollar helps…we are able to track every dollar spent and post it as a donation, unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous…I and the rest of the Yak Crew are ever so thankful

Many Blessings,