Friday, March 16, 2012

The Count Down has Begun

Mates! Gather Round!

At the moment I look at the calendar and find we have 59 Days until launch…there is much work to be done before we get underway…

I will be see massage patients until the 10th of may…due to a heavy practice schedule all appointments must be confirmed 24 hours in advance (813)907-6279…I have called all the clients and let them know I will be down from 5/10- 8/15/12…I have the best patients- they are full of encouragement…I am blessed

All issues with American Boudica Publishing will be handled by Chris Bilton of Rotherham until 8/20/12…Chris is also working with me on the Paddle project and I am blessed with the support of him and his wife Rose…for that matter the entire Bilton family:)

I will continue classes while on the paddle…this will be a little stressful, but I am ornery and know I can handle it…I am sure since I have made it clear to the school, that the teacher is aware of the unusual circumstance and willing to work with me…my school is a very awesome place

Those in the circle of Boudica can stop by to see me if you need me, but services will not be held until Mabon…Thank you for the good energy…I feel the love, support and worry…I will be home before you know it

It is almost here…can you feel it

A week ago I took Janis to Weeki Wachee…the manager was kind of on the rude side of life…Janis and I ignored his lack of manners…we got into the yak and paddled…she was so tickled…it is a beautiful river…I am sad that I will not see it for a while

Our next stop was Hudson Beach…what a freakin great paddle…Yum Yum had been missing the water…we paddled out until a boater stopped me and asked if I knew I was 10 miles out…needless to say I laughed and paddled back to shore…it just went so fast and so easy

Saturday of last week was play practice…it went much faster than I thought it would…I need to pick up Wilma’s parts from Jessie…I also need to get a spare tire for both Wilma and Betty…the website is up to date and I have started marketing the much to be done and no time to do it:)

All the parts are bought, but I need help with gas and food…please- even if it is only a quarter…Please donate…you can do so through any Sun Trust Bank in the country or through the mail or through PayPal…if you do not think I will make it call Trish or Lil at the shelter and pledge a penny a mile (352)521- 3358 - if I do make it you will only owe $13.50…if you believe in what I am going to accomplish- help me…donate…Maybe you can’t do this trip- Aye, but I can…I will use this paddle to stand up for battered and abused women…May 15 will be here soon…what will you be doing???

Captain D

Friday, March 9, 2012

Too Far Gone

I have been asked ‘what if’ concerning The Sunshine Paddle…we are just under the 66 day point…this trip is about to happen… I have the bulk of the stuff we need bought…

I have been training and studying for this for more than a year…the help from so many souls made my job easier…I have always felt blessed…as you have watched on the Website it has not always been as easy, but with such a good cause as Sunrise of Pasco- it has always been worth it…the side effect is educating parents and children…how can that ever be a bad thing...
I foresee an adventure…one hopes it to be a happy one…13 states, 39 stops in 39 days (the day count depends on weather) via kayak…I am not running for office…It is my hope to bring attention to the amount of women disappearing or hurt or dead and how high those numbers are climbing…not to mention what is happening in front of children…we need to stop the violence…Many people have said they want things to change…so please help me change them

I need help……if you have family or friends along our route, please ask them to check us out if they have time…any help at this point would be great…I am trying to put together food and fuel…this is not easy as prices keep climbing…we are grateful for every penny…if you can manage to help I would be thankful…if you cannot help, maybe you know someone who can and could talk to them for me

At this moment you can mail us a check or money order made out to Sunshine Paddle…you can also donate through PayPal on the…as of Tuesday afternoon you will be able to go to any Sun Trust Bank and donate directly to the Sunshine Paddle…all donations are tax deductable…

We appreciate your support in this endeavor:)

Thank you,

Captain D

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Less than 3 months to go….

Good Tidings Mates,

We are now under the 3 month point until the launch…much has to be prepared…fixing Wilma, supplies, gas, food, etc…it all runs on donations and we really need help to make this happen…every donation helps

Friday (02/17/12) found me at Withlacoochee River Park for The Primitive ArtFestival…walking among history was really fun…from Tee Pees to Old Cracker Houses…classes on how to make an arrow from stone…it amazed that I did not see a parking lot full of school buses…this would have been a cheap fieldtrip…with big impact on educational value…I walked down by the river and thought about how strong the settlers of this area had to be when I saw a gator splash in the water…the park ranger stopped to tell me of plans they had to make the park better…I thought it to be clean, good layout and well kept

Saturday (02/18/12) found me on the way to Siesta Key…Lance had asked Walt and I to come down…I felt it a safe first paddle since Walt’s surgery…we rented the kayak at Siesta Key Bike and Kayak…we did not paddle for too long as I did not want him to be too tired…the birds seemed to have care for Walt and came close in to make sure he was okay…it was quite funny to watch…The brown pelicans swim almost as much as they fly…they are like having a team of comedians hanging out…there seemed to be one every place we looked that day

Sunday (02/ 19/12)-Tuesday was time to do school work and treat clients…Janis reminded me that I need to be able to swim distance in case something happens…it has been a while since I was just made to swim…we hunted through the parks in Pasco…Janis offered to help me with a press release…she will also be releasing it to all news and media stations…if you live on the east coast, please e-mail me your local news and weather stations…this would be very helpful

Wednesday (02/22/12) Janis and I found New Port Richey Aquatics Center…this is a well kept secret…it is a well kept very clean facility…it has a weightroom, 2 gyms, tennis courts…kiddie pool, water slide, dive boards and heated lap pool…I could hardly believe the entrance fee for an adult was only $7 for the day…the staff was friendly, knowledgeable and polite…a young man was teaching his daughter to swim…Janis and I had to lend ourselves to help him…lol…being a good dad is so important to a young girl, that I always stop to pat one on the back…

As we grow closer to launch date my nerves are flying…I do not know if I could put in order all of the emotions I am feeling…I will be away from my family, friends and pets to accomplish my goal…they are all important, but so is my goal…

On Friday (02/24/12) I had to take my final exam in Political Science…I did well and finished the class with an A…my new class is dietary influence on disease…the phone rang and a friend recommended going to the ‘Little Everglades Combined Driving Event’ on Saturday…another friend mentioned the ‘Zephyrhills Cruise In’ in downtown Zephyrhills…I call Trish to tell her of the happenings and I got wrangled into a play…it is called the ‘Vagina Monologues’…when will I get to the water…the Horizon is calling me to the water

Saturday (02/25/12) for me at a dead run…first was reading for the play…this did not bother me and was really kind of fun…from there I was off to the Little Everglades Ranch…though they hold a steeple chase every year, this was my first time to attend an event there…It was very beautiful…well set up and had so much going on…it was well organized and offered a lot of entertainment for those of every age…

Later Saturday night, Walt took me to the ‘Zephyrhills Cruise In’…so many vintage and race cars…impressive engines sparkling everywhere…music filled the air of Main St and you were transported to a Hollywood movie set…what a great time

Monday (02/27/12) I went to International Auto Parts in Spring Hill…I brought Wilma over for Jessie to check out…he will be going to the junk yard in the next week or so to look for parts for her…

Tuesday (02/28/12), Walter took me to Weeki Wachee…this was his first paddle of the river...Curt at Paddling Adventures was ready for us…I tried to explain to him about the current and teach him to use the paddle as a rudder…the signs of spring were everywhere and there was a different group of wildlife…made for an interesting day

Wednesday, I spent the day processing pictures and upgrading the site…I spoke to several people about the paddle…this is all being done by donation and I am trying to do my best to make it happen

Today was a fun day at the Florida Estates Winery on SR 52…Walter was the designated driver and mom went with me to a wine tasting…I did not know we would have such flavorful wine…aye, I liked the orange and strawberry port the best…mom had a good time

Saturday, I have play practice and will be going down to Siesta Key after…if you want to join me, let me know…a busy Girly Pirate be I…time to hoist the anchor

Your Captain Dee