Thursday, June 23, 2016



   Can you say life has been paddle crazy? There is so much to fill you in on. Did you see the new Sunshine Paddle T-shirt? The last few months have been so busy; it has been hard to keep up. Pop a squat and I will tell you all about it.


This year's Sunshine Paddle was a special paddle. We left Hudson in the dark, it was all blue and the horizon was hard to see. I we paddled past the first inlet the sun started to raise and gave us a beautiful purple break of day. The tide was high and we got to see fish, birds, turtles and a few dolphins who wanted to play hide and seek. When we got to Durney Key, we stopped to eat and relax for a few. In the shallows around the island could be found little stingrays who were flying underwater (check out the video). The last leg was more difficult this year and took a lot out of both of us. We were happy to land at Anclote.

  The Atlantic called to the blood in my veins and I went to Ft. Lauderdale. A rented Yak and a surf launch. I have found I prefer sit on tops. The waves worked me hard but, it was a work out that would build me for the next adventure. On a solo venture gave me time to focus on my paddle technique. I do love open water paddles.

  One of our trainers, Gunny, will soon leave us for Japan. He asked us to join the Florida Cup in Medria Beach.  We got there early and though it was clear on the beach, a storm off shore was kicking up the surf. The Shamrock’s Avenger got a real test as 2 – 4 foot waves crashed over the boat, it would bog us down and the boat would pop right back to the top of the wave. It was really cool. We had a really great time.

 We are happy to announce that have dispersed the money from the paddle and have completed 5 other donation drops. The many donations are what keeps us going and what gives us the ability to do so much for so many. In this, I am very blessed and grateful.

            The last trip was off Hudson Beach. It was so quiet, we had the whole are to ourselves and really enjoyed it. The water was so clear; it was easy to watch the fish play below us. The birds were hanging out watching us. I really enjoyed watching a sailboat leave the marina, head to open water and tack to the wind- really majestic.

            In a week, I will be headed north to paddle a friend in Norton, Massachusetts. A donor sent a kayak to our office there. This will be my first experience with a Blow Up Yak. I am so excited to have a group going with us. The more the merrier, message me if you want to paddle the Norton Reservoir with us.

 At Ease,

Captain D