Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome 2014

Ahoy Mate,
Our new year has been very active… We continue to train…today is the day we start to gain pledges to go the 25 miles down coast of Pasco in April…this year the money will be split between Sunrise of Pasco in Dade City and Helping Hands Food Pantry in Wesley Chapel
We are looking for a Sit On Top Kayak as the Horizon is proving to be quite painful on my hip…if you know of one or have one to donate- it would be awesome…we have turned in our taxes for 2013…
Donations/ Expenses Report for The Sunshine Paddle 2013
This year was all about safety and training…we received donations from friends
of the paddle to help with gas and kayak rentals. With my hip being out SOT rentals were necessary as we do not own one. To save money we got rid of the truck, the money from this helped to pay some on the website. We also shut down the spot tracking service in an attempt to save money. The phones were shut off after the 2013 paddle as they would not be needed for another year. New gear included a new PDF and re-roping the Horizon. Bank fees totaled over $140. The year of 2013 started out with $25 in the account. We had income or trade of $3500. At year end we had $12 in the account.
List of Benefactors:
Judy Gavinski of Norwood (MA),

Siesta Key Bike and Kayak of Siesta Key,
Crystal River Kayaks of Crystal River,

Tory Cooper of Norton (MA),
Tim O’Hara of Crystal Beach,

Julie Perez of Wesley Chapel,
Cathy Cooper of Wesley Chapel,
Walter Rooney of Wesley Chapel
That is All…Carry On
Captain D