Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Paddle 2015

It started like any other big paddle…the two weeks before, everything that could go wrong did and then some…my husband had to work so, my receptionist would see me off…the forecast called for crappy weather…many were counting on me so I had to at least try

When we got to Hudson Beach…the sky was black and clear…the water was smooth as glass…I told Dale, if I got past the rocks, I would complete the paddle…once I shoved off, I knew my next stop was Durney Key

I passed the rocks and headed for open water…it was high tide and though the water was like glass, it seemed to have quite a bit of movement…the dawn broke behind me and I was treated to a special surprise- 3 different views of the same sunrise…this was really amazing…it is here a pod of about 15 dolphins started swimming with me…the babies were so cute...I was in awe of how close the momma dolphins allowed them to get to me...

Suddenly, the waves began to build…I started to paddle hard for Durney key…the clouds were getting lower and lower…it was here the strap for my seat broke…problem: if I lean back even slightly, it would push the seat back into my milk crate and push it off the boat…the power equivalent of one stroke was now 10 strokes…Durney Key was now in sight

It was still not raining when I got to the Island…walking around to eat my sandwich, I saw a horseshoe crab and sea turtle…calling Dale, I found out it was already raining on land…at this point any shore point was going to take just as long and the dolphins had been good company so, I told Dale that I would continue…I tried to fix the seat to no avail and I shoved off

Dale was so worried, he tried to keep an eye on my from land…the rollers were picking up and unhooked part of the milk crate…so I was now trying to paddle while holding onto gear…my back screamed in pain…the dolphins would come and balance me so I could arch my back…amazing creatures…

Dale was waiting on the shore and got me to the truck as the rain came down…my sugar began to crash so, he stopped and got me baby food bananas…it was late when I got to the house and my poor husband was worried as it had been raining on land all day…he brought me in the house and took care of me…my arms and back hurt so bad…to make our community a better place, it is worth it…another year with another successful paddle:)

The Girly Pirate

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kickin at the Stall Door

Hail and Good Day Me Hearties,

          My nerves are starting to climb as we draw nearer to the launch of the fourth annual Sunshine Paddle. My mind is whirling. I expected to only do the one but, the job of the paddle is to raise money and awareness of domestic violence along with helping the community and the community still needs us. So here we go again.

          Practice has been hard and heavy. I have been to Anclote River and Gulf parks doing training in working with currents. Time in the training pool allowed me to work on stroke technique and reentry. Hudson Beach was so clam it was really a pleasure to do the five miles around the inlet.

          So far this year we have been able to do 2 donation drops to Sunrise of Pasco Battered Shelter. We have dropped off a pickup truck of cardboard to the shelter and the ALC youth group each. We have also dropped a few bags of cans to the food pantry to help feed the homeless. The Children’s Holiday Challenge will happen again this year, we have started collecting. We hope to do better this year:)

          It is a wee bit jumpy I am feelin. I wish I could afford a bigger sit on top but, it will not be for this year. Yum Yum will be making the trip with me. The Horizon is 17’ but with the damage in my hip, I just cannot do it. I wonder about the weather. Will I be able to secure enough pledges? I set up a pledge page and hope people use it. Any long paddle (even the best planned), has issues- did I think of all possibilities (Zombie Apocalypse- Zombies can’t swim, in my yak I will be fine…lol). I am trying to keep my mind busy or the rabbit hole would suck me in.

          Rose Bilton, Cathy Cooper, Judy Gavinski, Walter Rooney, Paul Cooper, Dale Thrall, Chris Bilton, Greg Lee, Greg Pflug and I make this happen. No one here gets a paycheck. We wish to make the community a safer, happier space and hope you will join us in this endeavor.

Carry On,

Captain D
The Girly Pirate