Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blast! Blast! Blast!



I have been paddling around St. Joseph Sound…Fred has been out to see me and we have had fun…he likes to tap the boat…2 Notch has been staying on the gulf side of the islands for some reason…she has been having fun with the boat too…her fin slap is always when I least expect it…it has been good practice around other boats, islands and bridges…I enjoy stopping on some of the outer keys…getting in and out on my own- I am good at this, just do not expect me to be graceful- at all…lol…I can almost hear the dolphins’ laugh…

In the last week, I have been launching from Hudson Beach…the wind has been high which makes it a really- feel your muscles burn- kind of paddle…The Blue Horizon has brought me safely to shore each time and I am thankful for her…she has been an awesome ride…due to northern weather being far harsher than ours I feel it proper to paddle in all weather, one can never be too prepared…it is not the paddling I enjoy the most though- it is blasted painful

So badly do I want to run and get a quart of fudgy chubby hubby ice cream, that would be yummy…I know people think I am a little crazy as I talk to myself in the store while I shop…as I look at many treats, I must say No…I find that it is best to avoid the cookie and candy isle…lol
Speaking of pain…I am now up to 20 minute, 5 mile reps on the Welso…I never look at a scale, but I have now gone from a 2X to a LG…also a far cry from the 2 minutes I started at…lol…my legs can bloody well feel it
I need help in each state…if you have time please volunteer…if you know of someone who has time, please ask them for me…I am working on bumper stickers, T-shirts and flyers…if all you can do is post a flyer at your local public bulletin board I would be ever so thankful…if you are interested in the bumper stickers or T-shirt let me know…I have to start pre-paying for what I can and getting ready to bank for what we need…Taylor has been ill, so I am looking for someone who would not mind video editing until he returns…anyone???

Well, next week my plan is Crystal River…as always, I will keep you posted


Your Captain,