Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ceiling Can’t Hold Us

Avast Me Hearties,

The summer has come in bringing rain almost every day…which here in Florida means rip currents are abound…please keep this in mind and make sure you speak to your children about it too- it may save their life…it is my feeling that every child should be taught to swim as one never knows when it will be important or just handy…I took my children to the ocean by 3 weeks old because it then becomes a transition from in utro to the water vs. being a chore one must learn…

Weeki Wachee River is a great place to practice my paddle work…the water has been clear and the river busy…it was fun…due to a warm winter I got to see flowers that had not been around in a few years…a baby manatee seemed to enjoy splashing me…it was so hot, I was thankful for so many overhanging trees…the fish were lining up and looked like a piece of silver ribbon in the wind:)

Hudson calls to me and I must go…I needed to get water readings…due to the high water level the current runs around this area…lift my paddle and go for the joy ride…I need to invest in an anchor and a rope with depth knots…yes, this is one of my favorite beaches…2 notch and I bummed around and had fun
At the shelter there was a changing of the guard so to speak…Penny and Jacquie are off to start the next phase of their lives…I was blessed to have both as a part of my life…you gave so many women the chance to be whole again…may whatever lies ahead hold the magic you deserve…

Swim practice is important…this is about endurance…if something happens, I may need to swim for shore…I can go for 2 hours straight so far without my feet touching bottom…when I started I could barely make 5 minutes- my how far I’ve come…not easy, but so worth it

Carry On,

Captain D