Saturday, April 28, 2012

17 Days Until Launch

Every day I see my dream…it is getting so close and my nerves are on edge…my head spins so much I feel like Linda Blair…lol…just keep the pea soup...ha ha ha

 I have spent the week getting the truck and camper ready…new tires, brakes checked, oil changed, fluids checked, cylinders repacked and topper for the truck…the camper needed new tires, registration, insurance and wheel bearings got fresh packed…copies of all paperwork have been left with the shelter, in case we should need them

I have prepared my clients for my trip…I will miss them…the Publishing Company has been left in Chris’s hands, Chris is also handling the congregation- I trust him…I did my exit interview at school and took my final in feng shui, checked out with the dept head and bursar…all I have to do is paddle and go to class…wave on, wave Miagie school of paddling...too funny…I have gone over all my accounts with Dale so Walter will have some help while I am gone- I have faith in them both…they gardens have been weeded and had compost scratched into the soil- they will have to hang in until I get back

Tomorrow will start at Atonement Church on SR54 in Wesley Chapel, FL…we will have the blessing of the boat and the journey…Pastor Scott is a great guy and has stood by to help with the paddle in any way he could…I have been blessed to have him in my corner…he helps many in our community…he does not care who you call God, just that you call- when this comes from the heart the energy from this sentiment is amazing and I want that on this paddle…Taylor will be making video on this event so I should have it for you Monday…I am excited to see his talent flow…

Tomorrow afternoon…hmmm…Debbie and I are supposed to repack and make a list of missing items:/…I know what we are supposed to do…but, if I always did what I was supposed to, I would not be the Girly Pirate…I wonder if we can sneak off to the beach….maybe we can do both;)

Monday is a client day…I also have to take the camper to get the new tires out put on…Tuesday is a final walk through on the camper-I will pack anything we will not need until out arrival in St Augustine on May14…maybe I can sneak to the beach again;)

OMG…this is really happening…it is all coming together…I am scared, excited, proud, confident, nervous- all at the same time…I will so miss my family and animals….this is something I must do…they understand-they are worried, but they trust me…my friends are being very supportive…the energy has been so wonderful to feel….

All of this is about donations to a shelter for battered/abused women…many people think I am crazy- to these people I ask you to call Trish (352)521- 3358 and pledge a donation, if I make the trip from North Peninsula State Park in Florida to Old Orchid Beach, Maine in under 60 days you will donate $X… if you are one of the pessimistic sort you can pledge $X on the fact I won’t make it…if you think I can pull this off you can donate on my page (PayPal) or go to any SunTrust Bank- tell them you want to donate to the Sunshine Paddle…either way it is a win/win…

I feel like a horse straining at the bit…I am ready to run…my muscles seem to flex of their own accord…my motions are not fast, but they are deliberate and carry resonance…how else can I explain…I got my hata blockas on and have lost the ability to hear/listen negative crapp…emotions are running high at the moment…the work being done by Sunrise of Pasco is very important…at the rate of budget cuts more women and children will get killed/hurt…It is my hope to help these women get to safety- in a manner that will let them be a whole human being…I have had to relive what happened in my life…this is so not easy and makes me thankful for I am at-also kicks my ass emotionally…if it keeps one woman safe, I did my job:)…so much going on in my brain

Well I hope this gives you some insight…if you are trying to reach me, call the house- if you get no answer please leave a message…I have been on the phone so much the phones die…I will post once more the day before we leave

May the wind be at your back,

Captain D

Thursday, April 19, 2012

26 days until launch

Ahoy Mate,

26 days until launch…everything that can go wrong is…lol…

Why do I laugh?
It is not problems that make or break you, nor do they tell who you are as a person…it is how you approach the handling of them…never let them take your ability to laugh, use it and the worst situation becomes manageable

My emotions are like a perfect storm…I am excited- this trip will be epic (good or bad)…I am sad to leave my family and friends- I will miss them…I will be overjoyed to see my granddaughter (Lindsey, 8) and my niece (Abigail, under a year)- it will be my first time to hold either one…I will get to meet my new son in-law for the first time (Matt)…worried over the folks and Walter- I am leaving Dale behind to care for them, but he is not me…stressed about doing school while on the paddle- at least it will be subjects I am familiar with…I could go on, but you get the picture…
I passed my boater requirement test with an 97%...I have posted all over the internet in hopes of finding other paddlers to paddle their area with me…though I do not mind the solitude of being solo, it is nice to meet new friends:)…the tech people in my life have been helping me learn all the new gizmos…all this stuff is not new to most, but I have not owned a cell phone for 3 years- I did not even know how to text…lol…Thank You Marilyn for being so patient- her husband Steve is sweet and puts up with my many phone calls…the vehicles’ need tires…I found the truck tires- still looking for a topper, we can use tarp but a topper would be nice…still working on the camper- could use an extra rim, 10 inch…a BIG Thank you to Harold and Walter for getting the lights done on Wilma and Betty…Dennis has been great help with my SPOT tracker…Mary Rowell of Maine donated a printer with extra ink- how very cool…I have been practicing at Anclote and Hudson as they are both close and there is much to be done…packing, packing and repacking- in my anal heart I know this will happen a few more times…do you know how much stuff we need or how much room it takes???

I have called every state, checked back in with everyone we had already…some places went under so we have had to adjust the route and I am sure as we go along we will need to adjust it again…fingers crossed it will not be by much…we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best…a trip like this takes planning, training and communication…it makes my hear sing to see how many people are pitching in to help…

This whole trip is run on donation…most of our equipment is old and used, to me this is a beautiful thing…these items may not be worth much money, but they are gold to us and have been given new life…our safety equipment is brand new and works well…this was done with Monetary Contributions from- Matt Le Hann, Mary Irving- Fantucchio, Tim O’Hara, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cooper…we are now working on money for gas and food…all donations help…gift cards, quarters, dimes- it all helps…I am also looking for Velcro- please check your draws and cupboards’…

We appreciate your support in this endeavor:)

Thank you,

Captain D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Omnipresent State of Mind

‘Captain on Deck’-

At ease people,

It has been a busy few weeks as we prepare for the east coast…

As many of you know, I have been running over to the park at Hudson Beach for the last few weeks to practice…I have noted a few of the manatees I had seen at Crystal River had found their way down…there are several dolphins at this park too…the birds here are quite comical and the people friendly…this beach is clean and well cared for…well worth the $2 fee (I am surprised it is not $5)...

The PioneerFlorida Museum and Village was quite interesting…we were invited to attend ‘Train Day’, but I found out much about Pasco and Florida history...I bounced from exibit to exibit like a child…the price for this was family friendly…all of the staff was so polite…I really loved the old school house…the train depot was much like one my grandfather ran in Maine…I got to talk to a lot of people about the paddle and the reason for it, so it was a win/win…I love days like that:)

Stephen at Congo River Mini Golf in Port Richey offered me a discount for Walt and I, if I would come check him out…we had great fun…Walt kicked my behind…the place was clean…we enjoyed feeding the gators and Koi…though it was a hot day, the waterfalls and fans were awesome and kept us cool

The play last evening made me a Vagina Warrior…it was a flawless show that really made people think…it was a full house and all had fun…One Billion Rising is for everyone across the planet- I have heard many people say they wish they could help…you can- check it out…

Tomorrow Debby Brooks will come aboard as my second in command…she will be the Pilot of Wilma and Betty…we are now going through the trip- remeasureing, reconfirming, packing and making sure everything is in place…Marilyn Peacock is keeping us organized…I should have a final itinerary posted Friday

I need help with gas and food…please- even if it is only a quarter…Please donate…you can do so through any Sun Trust Bank in the country or through the mail or through PayPal…if you do not think I will make it call Trish or Lil at the shelter and pledge a penny a mile (352)521- 3358 - if I do make it you will only owe around $13.50…if you believe in what I am going to accomplish- help me, donate…I will use this paddle to stand up for battered and abused women…May 15 will be here soon…where will you be???

I would like to thank the many of you who are making this possible…sharing information, donation goods and services, monetary donations…all have been needed and appreciated…It is also my intention to thank the many Kayakers who have taken time to teach me and gone out of their way to make sure I know what they feel I need to make this trip…we have raised a lot of money and gotten much accomplished

Blessed Be,
Captain D