Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Live Ballast

All hands on Deck,

The paddle approaches…I leave in the morning…it has been a wild ride this year…the training time was burnt up by a young woman who did not take the water seriously…it was sad that she refused to listen – thinking she knew it all, she got hurt…she thought that an open water paddle would be like being in the Weeki Wachee River, just fun and playtime…I do use the Weeki Wachee for paddle training but, it is not open water…she flipped the kayak several times and canceled training several times without a care for the effort or money that was being put forth to get her trained…I felt sorry for her, she missed something really amazing

Being flipped so many times really messed with my head, I became afraid…thankfully my husband continued training with me…he has always had a hard time with open water but, got me back in the kayak and back in open water…he would not let me falter dues to someone’s carelessness…though he is still not big on open water paddling, he can do it and I no longer fear flipping - mission accomplished…

Now I sit here praying for live ballast…I have a tandem kayak and can put a cooler in the front seat for ballast, it is however far better to have a live person…I can paddle the distance without issue, I just need someone in the front seat to sit there, take pictures or video and enjoy the time on the water…this being the last minute, I can only pray

I feel strong this year…working out more and more along with training time on the water, has me in the best shape in years…Day 15 with NO soda…my endurance is really high…I am up to an 80 second plank…I have come so far in the last six years – from an out of shape, 325 pound smoker to an athletic 185 pound non-smoker (5 ½ years)…the journey here has not been easy and the biggest fight is usually against myself – I am worth it…

I was blessed with some of the best trainers in the world (Gunny, RJ, Greg, Kilroy)…my first two years were all about training to be a kayaker…though they were all polite when they met me, I think they never thought I would go this far…I put the time and energy in…driving all over the state to paddle lakes, rivers, the Atlantic, the gulf, the islands…because I did the work, they were willing to help – train me, give me advice and be supportive of me…I gained confidence and have become a strong paddler…the Atlantic coast (Maine to Florida) is no joke – I have paddled in every state with many different people…I always wear a PFD, even when told I do not need to…watching videos and reading books…training time and safety is a must…this means respect for yourself and the water…it is a great sport and has created some great and life changing experiences…

See you when I return…

Carry On,

The Girly Pirate


  1. all the very best and I hope you finish in fine form

  2. Many cheers for the Girly Pirate!! If anyone can do's you! I send best thoughts and wishes your way. Be safe out there and know that you have many people cheering for you on the mainland.